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Do You Know What Your Coffee Personality Type Is?

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In a recent article posted on The Dr. Oz Show website, special guest Clinical Psychologist and Professor of Psychology, Ramani Durvasula, Ph.D. author of the book “You Are WHY You Eat” reveals to Oz fans that your choice of style of coffee you drink can be revealing about your personality.

This coffee personality profile is based on observations and surveys of over 1,000 coffee drinkers from around the world that assessed the participants’ personality style and traits to include such factors as introversion/extraversion, patience, perfectionism, warmth, vigilance, sensitivity and social boldness among several other factors.

To match the participants’ behavioral traits and quirks i.e. personalities, with the type of coffee they drink, they were given varying scenarios with choices to choose from on such common matters as how they deal with having to wait in a long line or plan on preparing for an event in their home. The survey also asked them about their preferred type of coffee drink.

Analysis of the responses resulted in the following categories below. See if you agree with what your coffee choice has to say about you and your friends:

The Black Coffee Drinker

The black coffee drinker is best defined as a no-nonsense “old school type” or “purist" who is both patient and efficient and prefers to keep things simple. However, this type has a dark side where he or she can be moody, abrupt and dismissive of others. They also tend to be unyielding to change and are set in their ways.

The Latte Coffee Drinker

The latte coffee drinker is the one who adds milk or cream and sugar to their otherwise black coffee. They are about seeking comfort and pleasing others. They are an open book and their preference for adding cream and sugar matches their need to make their coffee and their lives less bitter. While generous with their time and will go out of their way to help others, they do so to a fault that leaves them overextended to the point of being detrimental to their personal health.

The Frozen/Blended Coffee Drinker

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This is the coffee choice of the young or those with an inner child that is unrestrained. They tend to be socially bold trendsetters who want to experience new things and ideas. While being childlike, spontaneous and imaginative are healthy traits, they are a little less mature with their decision making and can be reckless, fall for quick fixes and do not always make healthy choices.

The Decaf/Soy Milk/Very Specifically Ordered Coffee Drinker

This type of coffee drinker is hard for many other coffee types to swallow. They like being in control and are considered to be perfectionists to the point of appearing selfish and obsessive. However, they are often very aware of their bodies and their health and are more prone to making healthy choices. Their dark side of the coffee bean comes from their over-focus on rules, control and order; and, they tend to be worry warts and overly sensitive.

The Instant Coffee Drinker

In comparison to all other coffee drinker types, this is the slacker type. They are laid back, procrastinators who are traditionalists in some ways and tend to take life as it comes without getting too lost in the details. Their greatest faults lie in that if they were any more laid back than what they are, they would be comatose. They are the ones who put things off and/or plan poorly and may even neglect basic health issues.

While Dr. Ramani Durvasula notes that not all coffee drinkers can be “pigeonholed” by this coffee personality profile, he does stress that it does demonstrate that there is an important link between our health behaviors and our personalities. He provides one example of where for instance that people who tend to be obsessive and controlling may have more trouble making decisions when their “usual” options aren’t available, thereby making healthy choices harder for them when they are out of their usual comfort zone.

Furthermore, he notes that there are food personalities and exercise personalities too, that can affect our decision making process and choices made when it comes to dieting and health. There is hope for all personalities as he addresses in his book “You Are WHY You Eat” that can help people jump out of their profile into behaviors that are both physically and mentally healthier for them.

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Reference: The Dr. Oz Show