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Do You Know What Day of Your Cycle is Best for Winning an Argument?

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According to Woman’s Day magazine, as your body goes through its monthly hormonal cycle some days are better than others for tackling specific tasks that need doing. This should come as no surprise to many women, but which days are better than others and for what tasks?

Pulling out this info from a variety of medical resources focused on women and hormone therapy, the editors of Woman’s Day came up with this short list of timing tricks to make your to-do list easier with a proposed hormonal calendar.

Their hormonal calendar begins on Day 1 of your period with the added warning that this should only be used as a general guideline as the days listed may vary from woman to woman.

Hormonal Days 1-9: Try a new type of exercise

Trying out a new type of exercise that you are not familiar with is best done on days when you are less likely to accidently hurt yourself. Research shows that days 1-9 of this hormonal calendar were the days of a woman’s cycle when women have the fewest knee injuries reportedly due to lowered estrogen levels.

Hormonal Days 7-8: Time for a mammogram

During days 7-8 of the proposed hormonal calendar, both estrogen and progesterone levels are at their lowest. This in turn means that it is the best time to have a mammogram because breast tissue is less dense during this period making small difficult-to-see tumors and cysts easier to detect.

Hormonal Days 10-13: Winning an argument or tough conversation

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Days 10-13 are those when your estrogen and testosterone levels are surging back. Beefing up on these hormones results in giving you increased confidence and mental clarity to state your position in an argument and increase the likelihood that you will “win.”

Hormonal Days 17-18: Dealing with broken appliances

Now is the best time to handle tasks that are stressful for most people because you are now in a progesterone peak that has the effect of making you feel more relaxed and laid-back.

Hormonal Days 15-21: Brow wax time

With your cycle now heading back toward lower estrogen levels, your body is becoming less sensitive to pain. Woman’s Day recommends saving this time of the hormonal calendar for painful tasks like having your eyebrows waxed.

Inexplicably, the remaining 7 days of the hormonal calendar are not associated with having a hormonal advantage toward any specific tasks. If anyone has any suggestions, we would like to hear from you on what tasks you find easier during this time of the cycle.

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Image Source: Courtesy of PhotoBucket

Reference: Woman’s Day magazine April 2013