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Do You Have a Parasite Inside You? What to Look For Advises Dr. Oz

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Parasite inside your body

Are you among the estimated one-in-three who has a parasite inside them that is going undetected? According to Dr. Oz, you could be unknowingly suffering from a parasitic infection resulting in a health issue that your doctor may be misdiagnosing while a parasite destroys your body from the inside out.

“Would you know if parasites were making you sick?” asks Dr. Oz as he warns viewers that feelings of constant fatigue and bloating could be due to a parasite that has literally wormed its way inside your body.

As an example of how parasites can affect your health Dr. Oz introduces his guest “Melissa” who states that she lost two years of her life to parasitic infections because her doctors failed to properly diagnose her condition. Melissa told viewers that it began the morning after eating at a restaurant the night before that she came down with extreme nausea and diarrhea that she initially attributed to a case of food poisoning. However, for the next two years she was plagued with fatigue, gastrointestinal problems, and blurred vision that a succession of 10 physicians was unable to properly diagnose the cause of her ill health.

It wasn’t until Melissa came across a physician who authored a book on parasites that she was able to arrive at a possibility that her previous physicians had not considered as the cause of her constant illness. In fact, recent research has attributed some cases of chronic fatigue and irritable bowel syndrome to parasitic infections.

Dr. Oz showed viewers images of not one, but two different types of parasites that had been the cause of Melissa’s problems—the common hookworm and an amoeba called Dientamobae fragilis.

However, Dr. Oz tells viewers that other parasites abound such as:

Trichinella that comes from uncooked meat and can cause severe muscle pain.

Whipworm that comes from unsanitary conditions and prevents nutrients from getting into your body through the G.I. tract resulting in fatigue and diarrhea.

Tapeworm that comes from undercooked food and also results in fatigue and sudden weight loss.

Dr. Oz tells viewers that even if you do not travel to exotic lands where people typically associate the risk of parasitic infections, that you can contract a parasite in your own home by any one of the following ways:

• Water that is not properly sanitized.

• Beef (up to 20%) from other countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay, Honduras and Mexico.

• Fish (up to 80%) from other countries such as Chile, Argentina, China and Indonesia.

“Parasites are a lot more common in these countries than in the U.S. and the USDA only inspects 9% of the meat and less than 2% of the seafood imported from overseas…so if your meat or fish originates from overseas, how can you be sure that it is parasite free? You can’t! There’s no way to be sure,” says Dr. Oz.

In addition to food from other countries, your pet can cause parasite infections according to one study that warns that a cat in the house may be killing your family and even be a cause of depression due to parasite transfer.

Dr. Oz introduced Dr. Tasneem Bhatia, an integrative medicine specialist who tells Dr. Oz that the problem of detecting parasitic infections in patients lies in the fact that during their medical school training doctors are not taught to think of parasite infections when treating a patient who does not travel to other countries.

“We are not trained to think of parasites as an American illness. We are trained to think of it only if maybe somebody has traveled to a foreign country or has relocated back to the U.S.” says Dr. Bhatia.

Another problem Dr. Bhatia points out is that conventional stool testing will fail to detect parasites if the patient is not actively shedding parasites through his or her G.I. tract when a fecal sample is collected for testing under a microscope. This, she states, contributes to why misdiagnoses occur so often due to false negative test results even when a physician looks for evidence of parasites.

To help viewers determine whether they may have a parasitic infection, Dr. Bhatia offers the following signs and symptoms to watch for as well as what you should do if you think you might be carrying a parasite, and provides some natural solutions that will help fight your infection:

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Signs and Symptoms of a Parasitic Infection

Changes in Your Stool: If you have diarrhea that lasts for two weeks or longer then this is a sign that you are carrying a parasite in you.

Chronic Fatigue: If you have fatigue that is unrelenting—even after you’ve had a good night’s sleep—Dr. Bhatia states that you may want to consider that the fatigue could be due to a parasite.

Unexplained Weight Loss: “Losing about 10 pounds over a two-month period is a common sign of a parasite infection,” says Dr. Bhatia.

Anal Itch: If you have itching around the anus that has been going on for two weeks and no sign of a rash then it could be due to a parasite infection.

Abdominal Pain and Cramping: If you experience constant abdominal pain and cramping non-related to a menstrual cycle, Dr. Bhatia warns that it could be due to parasitic infection.

What to Do if You Believe You Might Have a Parasitic Infection

• Talk to your doctor about using newer stool tests for parasites that are more sensitive, some of which actually detect the DNA of parasites.

• Seek a specialist such as a gastroenterologist who will be more knowledgeable about parasitic infections than a general physician. Or, seek a Holistic Medicine practitioner who will be open to the possibility of parasites as a cause of illness.

• Bring a timeline of your symptoms when you see a physician to give them more and accurate information to work with toward a diagnosis.

• Bring a 3-day recall list of what you ate prior to your symptoms.

• Bring a list of all your medications and supplements--particularly if you have been taking antibiotics.

Natural Solutions to Treat a Parasite Infection

Dr. Bhatia states that there are some natural solutions for treating a parasitic infection that are successful about 75% of the time. And even if a natural solution does not rid the body of the infection, it can help lessen the affects. Examples include:

Garlic―eating two garlic cloves a day can actually help kill off some parasites that cause abdominal pain and cramping.

Wormwood Tea―drinking wormwood tea is one of the strongest natural remedies for treating a parasitic infection. However, wormwood tea can be dangerous to your health and should be limited to 3 cups per day for no more than 10 days.

Black Walnut Extract—take Black Walnut extract for parasitic infection that causes constipation at a dose of 1,000 mg, 3 times per day, for only up to 6 weeks.

For a list of foods that fight parasites, click-on the titled link, “12 Foods that May Fight Intestinal Parasites.”

Advice for Foreign Travel

If you do travel to foreign countries and return home and find yourself coming down with something shortly after, follow this recommended advice on what to do when a fever strikes after returning from a vacation.

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Reference: The Dr. Oz Show



Another good reason to go vegetarian, We also have our own water supply. (Rainwater)
So not true. I took animal science and the first thing taught was the HUGE amounts of maggots, worms etc.. That is in RAW veggies.
I have been waiting for four years for information like this. I thought I was going to my grave and no one would know what I died from. I have been dealing with this for four years. I believe I have Schistosomiasis. I have gone to at least 20 + doctors and three hospitals and every one has treated me as though I was crazy. They all say there are no parasites in Mi. I have been collect samples for over two years and this year I bought a micoscope and have many pictures of my samples. The doctors wont look at them. PLEASE HELP ME. I cant seem to find any help.
Oil of oregano p73 3 drops under the tongue 3 times per day.Drink plenty of fresh water and add fresh lemon to 1 of the glasses during the day.Also do a castor oil pack 3 times per week to make sure that you are riding yourself of this infection. Without the castor oil packs the infection will continue to live inside of you. #1 P73 can be found at gnc and on amazon.com #2 Castor oil kit Hexane free only can also be found on amazon.com. Happy New Year and healthy living to you!
Try looking for a doctor that does Holistic Medicine in your. area. Also check with your family doctor to see if he or she will refer you to a Gastronologist. These doctors are better at detecting parasites than a regula general practitioner. Good luck! And GOD bless you.
I just wanted to say that I have been trying to be diagnosed as well for the last three months. Everyone I have been to has treated me the same way. I had a dermatologist tell ms I was having a schizophrenic episode and refused to test my skin for parasites and would no time look at it under the microscope with me, because "we do not have parasites in Washington". I have been told that by three doctors, the dermatologist, and many nurses. If you go to any Center for Disease control website or many university websites you will see information for many states on all the various parasites we have in the US.I was told to find an infectious disease doctor. I just made an appointment with internal medicine doctor that is suppose to specialize in parasites.
I would contact an alternative practitioner or find a chiropractor that does DRG stool test. Medical doctors usually don't usually find them. I saw a Gastrointerologist & they were not found with medical testing and I knew I had one from my stool test with my chiropractor. The DRG test is a good one. I have suffered immensely with them. Colon therapy is a very good thing to do also while you're trying to get rid of them. Find a: therapist that stays with you during treatment. I would be dead without it. Blessings to you
Bless you! I have had similar symptoms for slmostv12 years! I have something that's white/creamy lol king that comes out of my top eyelid (when it's closed) into so many different doctors and specialist I can't even keep up with them. Saturday u was in the middle of a bad "flareup" and FINALLY videoed it. I was certain this would be my "slam dunk" to a diagnosis and rule out all the nay Sayers and probe I'm not crazy!! Which many gave inferrred. The ophthalmologist said it was oil gland from blood vesselss!!??? I know it's not! I have felt like there's a hair or something in my eye every day sine I walked off a beach in Georgia 12 YEARS AGO! I know I have acquired new symptoms and the old ones have only intensified. I have lost 20%vision in the infected eye. At my wit's end.
what was the title of the book Melissa referenced?
Hi, I am not sure which book she was specifically referring to--there are many choices if you Google "human parasites." However, a web address below will take you to a website referring Dr. Margaret Williamson, a physician at Georgia Infectious Diseases who was on Dr. Oz and may be able to answer any questions you have about your health and parasites. http://georgiaid.net/ Good luck and good health!
My question is where can I go to be diagnosed for Schistosomiasis, I have gone to at least 20 + doctors with no results. they treat me as though I'm nuts and try to get rid of me, or get angry when I ask them questions they don't have the answer for . My symptoms are getting worse, sever pains in my head also when I bend over and dizziness. Pains and vibrations all over my body. I have felt it moving for four+ years. As it moves there is tremendous pain which comes in intervals traveling through my body. now it is all over :head, chest ,arms and hands, abdomen, buttocks, hips, legs and feet, toes & fingers. My abdomen (closer to the right side) is very swollen, when laying down it does not go flat even when pushed. I look to be about six month pregnant. My nose runs all day long with strange things & blood coming out. I get pains in my sinus and eyes. Sore throat everyday. I have lost close to forty pounds please help me. How can I get this diagnosed when no one believes me. what special tests are there. DNA?The only test they took is fecal always negative and eosinophil's through my encouragements, negative Thank You Patricia Joyce
What other tests besides fecal or urine test can be taken to find out what type parasites you have?
Hi Patrice, There is a website called mdjunction.com where people with hard to diagnose/treat illnesses can find help. I have been dealing with chronic Lyme Disease for years now and was able to find a doctor willing to get a diagnosis and then treat me. I googled the disease you think you have and saw an entry on it in mdjunction.com so you may get sone help there. I found it to be a great resource. They were able to help me find a Lyme literate MD in my area. Good luck to you.
Go to neurologist to rule out a spinal fluid leak ! Sounds like my symptoms.
What can I do when I know I have a scalp/skin possible internal paratosis condition doctors have ruled all in my mind?
Did you get any answers from your question on parasites. I have the same problem I have gone to many doctors and they look at me as though I'm crazy. thank p.Joyce
I have been battling the very same symptoms, lack of diagnosis, and family/friends thinking that I am crazy. I have been secretly suffering for years. Any help, advice, direction? PLEASE?!
I bought parasite cleanse by dr.hulda clark and i begin myself cleaning, 4 years on doctors and no one suggested parasites, morons, its also difficult to find with test, needs specific test and money and time, im gonna clean myself, they all tell me im depressed even put me on AD. F them.
Same problems here
One thing you have to note is to change your current and deliberately, socially engineered perspective to rely on medical docs. Trust me on this one... it is easy, easy, easy to rid yourself of these critters; don't allow your limited, established cultural medical pardigm to make you think differently. These guy are #1 in manufacturing supplements: Google INFOWARS STORE, and order 2 of their 'LIVING DEFENSE' and take 5-6 capsules per night. Drink a lot of Reverse Osmosis or Distilled water throughout your days to flush the toxins from their dying bodies out. Lay off grains. Eat tapioca made breads and potatoes if you crave starchy foods. Order their Iodine too... the govt. has taken this VITAL NUTRIENT out of your diet. Order their Vit.D.. the govt. has made the earth 20% darker from geo-engineering and Vit.D is actually a hormone and the only vitamin in which ALL cells in your body have receptors for. I PROMISE YOU, YOU WILL FEEL NEW! Good luck!!
Anyone know anything about Schistosomiasis, are there new tests for fecal and urine?How can I find a doctor in Michigan, who knows something about parasites.
I itch all over and feel like I am bitten from inside, I have bumps and lumps all itch, I have seen white small worms with hard to crack shells on my tongue, White flakes all over clothing, bathroom, etc. If I handle one of these worms they disappear into air, I have had stool test,,,neg for parasites. I have blurry vision, hungry when I start to eat or 2 hours after eating, constipation and diarrhea, extremely tired all the time, I have bought a parasite cleanser but am afraid to take, one capsule in the AM and one in PM.My throat always feels full, my scalp has sores radiating to back of neck and top shoulders How can i find an MD to treat and believe? in San Diego who will not think I am delusional, I have auditory and visual allucinations, I once saw bug travel under skin down to my hand, I could not stop it.. No one will believe
Going on 13 months of itchy nights of hell. Same problem. Friends think I'm crazy for dropping out of college because of an itch. Oh the itch that just defeats me. Every night. I've stopped caring. The hardest part is not getting sleep cause the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day they itch, and it's like what's the point? I literally need a calendar to keep track of normal days so that I can plan out when and how to treat myself after no success with 3 doctors. I threatened suicide to my parents,"mom, I'm going to kill myself if these itches don't stop." I have since apologized, but I am trying something that kills mites called Ivermectin.
I am so sorry you arent doing well, if it means anything i believe you, just wanted to tell you that youre not alone, i had emergency surgery the day after Christmas three years ago....thats when my hell began, can explain every stage these things have gone thru, with horrible life altering symptoms, took me a bit to make doc appointment, thought it couldnt get any worse, that was two and a half years ago, i couldnt have been more wrong, that doc did biopsies and concluded it was "scar tissue" and proceeded to tell me with her arm on my shoulder...." i believe that you believe you have a blood bourne parasite, but i need you to trust me and follow up with a referral im giving you" ..... Ya, u got it, she sent me right to the psych office, i actually just am getting home from another out of town hospital trip, this now is my 8th doc visit....these damn docs dont even examine me....not even one look. ..and gosh forbid if i bring a sample....like im just gonna dump it out and tell them all the names ive given to whatever these things are, i truly understand your depression, but please, reach out to others going thru similar things....you will find compassion and strength, you will be in my prayers
I had the same symptoms as you especially not wanting to be around anymore if life was going to be this way. I was in a very bad place and did alot of research and it turned out I had SCABIES. I followed a regimen of the ivermectin, permetherine creme and bleach baths. If you take the ivermectin, check your stool yourself, looking for dead bodies of parasites, and bring your stool in AFTER taking the Iver.as your're shedding the parasites and they will be seen much more readily. I also saw tracks of the mites on my chest as they moved under my skin. If you want to talk about this drop me an e-mail @ [email protected] I took the ivermectin 5 pills 15 Mg. total (3mg) each pill,one week and then again the second week. I could see the
Hi Trevor. I hope you're feeling better? Hoping the Ivermecton gave you some relief? Not sure exactly where your itch is but if it's in the bottom area, could be pinworms. I have an ongoing itch issue as well in that area. Some days worse than others. My dr prescribed 25mg of hydroxyzine (one at night and one in the morning). It's an antihistamine and works great for me to keep the itch manageable while we're trying to sort out the cause. I also found a Lyme dr. Who did a ignex (best test) Lyme test and found I have Lyme. Parasite issues are very common with Lyme. Although nothing was found via a stool test, I knew I had them and he took my word for it. Apparently stool tests can be a bit elusive in finding parasites. Proactively, He put me on a 30 day parasite cleanse doing 3 days of Albenza, (last day did a ducolax laxative to flush them out) followed by 30 days of Ivermecton (2 pills in am and 2 pills in pm and a laxative weekly to continue to flush out parasites) followed by 3 days of Albenza (again did the laxative). Did antibiotics at same time. Amazing how much was flushed out of me. It has helped with the itching and has at least cleared out some of the junk so my next round of antibiotics will be more effective killing the Lyme (hopefully). I plan to move to more natural methods for ongoing maintenance like frozen garlic suppositories, and trying food grade diametricalus earth and biofilm busters. For me, this will be an ongoing battle for a bit, but the hydroxyzine is making the itch manageable in the meantime. Talk to your dr. about it. Hope it helps.
Are you still suffering? I've been going through a very similar situation for 2 years. Doctors would not listen. The ones I encountered were lazy and it's easier for them to diagnose us as crazy (dillusional parasitosis) than to research and talk to colleagues to help solve our problem. They are very arrogant and condescending and it's really sad because we are raised to believe that all doctors want to help people, why else would they become doctors? I told one doctor that her ignorance of my illness, paired with her arrogance and condescension was not only insulting but it was down right dangerous because following her recommendation made my situation worse and prolonged my pain. I've found some answers. Please get in touch and I will all I can to help and share what information I have as well give you some new ideas to assist in finding a solution. I truly hope you are well and I believe you. Keep fighting, and keep seeking doctors that will help you. They're out there.
Kelley, you are so thoughtful, id love to speak with you, please email me whenever youre able, i have no one to talk to about this, when i finally do get up the courage to tell someone thats in my life, im met with a brick wa and irreversible damage to whatever relationship we may have had, thanks so so much for your time , compassion and concern, and most of all, THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING ME....Shelly [email protected]
Am in 3rd year of absolute hell ,....my life is gone....the first doc shouldve listened and looked instead of giving me psych referral and i never would have to be where i am now, it has progressed and changed over time and ive gotten sicker n sicker....i cant work anymore and cant get disability because of no diagnosis....and now i can hardly even dress myself,im too depressed to even go into all this but dont know if i mentioned this in previous comments, but im 100% positive from the very beginning of this and still am now that i have a blood bourne parasite, so if anyone, please, has any treatment info, etc, please, im pleading to send it to me and help me get my life back, my blood is so overwhelmed with these things that i feel like im waiting to die.....i used to be a trail guide when i had my gall bladder burst and had emergency surgery, thats where i believe this started, i rode horse for 10 plus hours a day, saddled and unsaddled 20 plus horses daily, threw hay bales around and other ranch work, from day one i can tell you every change these things have gone thru,,,,and now i dont eat anymore besides popsicles n yogurt thats IT, cant sleep, zero energy, i mean i need help even sitting up sometimes, lumps u.der both arms the last doc wouldnt even feel cuz he thought i was crazy too, he was dr #18 or so, by the way wouldnt feeling them show at least i was lucid and coherent and honest at least about that?????//, I WANT MY LIFE BACK, CANT IMAGINE THIS IS ALL I HAVE LEFT AND FOR WHAT REASON....UNREAL
Going though the same thing saw Dr. Simon Yu in Missouri. Look him up, he doesn't do lab work, he specializes in other forms of diagnosing parasites. I'm on 4 different prescriptions to treat parasites. Feeling better.