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Discover Dr. Oz's Best Skin Health Secret and Win $3,000

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Skin health secret from Dr. Oz

On a recent episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz was joined by special guest Dr. Rosemarie Ingleton, a dermatologist who reveals what she says is one of the best-kept secrets for skin health: an all-purpose moisturizer for treating a wide range of skin problems from chapped skin to healing wounds called “Aquaphor.”

“In dermatology, we consider Aquaphor pretty much the duct tape of dermatology,” says Dr. Ingleton. “We say that because it is so versatile, it pretty much does everything. It is my personal belief that everyone should have one in their purse, in their makeup kit, in their medicine cabinet.”

Dr. Oz tells viewers that Aquaphor is recommended by dermatologists for two primary reasons: Wound healing and healing chapped skin on your hands and the heel of your feet.

Wound Healing Benefits

Dr. Ingleton explains that what makes Aquaphor different from other skin care products for wound healing is that it is semi-occlusive, meaning that it allows for the exchange of moisture and oxygen to the skin that allows the skin to breathe.

“This creates the perfect healing environment for the skin, so that is why it is so effective,” says Dr. Ingleton.

Dr. Oz showed viewers a photo taken during a study that compared Aquaphor against two antibiotic wound ointments on their ability to heal wounds on human skin. The image illustrated that Aquaphor not only worked significantly faster than the other ointments, but that the resulting skin blemish following healing was much less visible.

Chapped Skin Benefits

When Dr. Oz asked Dr. Ingleton why dermatologists prefer and recommend Aquaphor for chapped skin on the hands and the heels, Dr. Ingleton explains that Aquaphor contains special ingredients that perform three important jobs toward healing chapped skin: it offers protection, it moisturizes and it soothes irritated skin.

Chapped skin protection: “It creates a protective environment on the skin,” says Dr. Ingleton, explaining that not only will Aquaphor prevent lesions from going deeper into the skin, but it will also seal the lesion to prevent moisture from escaping.

Chapped skin moisturizing: Dr. Ingleton tells viewers that Aquaphor acts as a moisturizer by including “humectants” in its formulation. Humectants are “water attractors” that attract water from the dermis―and the air as well during humid conditions or during a shower―into the epidermis of the skin, which then increases skin pliability and flexibility to prevent cracking.

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Chapped skin soothing: To soothe skin that has become irritated and inflamed from cracking, Dr. Ingleton states that Aquaphor contains a soothing ingredient called “Bisabolol.” Bisabolol is a colorless, thick oily liquid that is extracted from the German chamomile plant and is used in many cosmetic and personal care products such as facial makeup, skin care and hair care products.

Dr. Oz tells viewers that one of the most important reasons for taking care of dry and chapped skin with a product such as Aquaphor is that it will prevent bacteria and fungi from getting past your protective skin barrier into your body where bacteria and fungi can then cause serious health problems.

Other Ways Women Use Aquaphor

Doctors Oz and Ingleton also told viewers that many women who use Aquaphor have discovered beauty and skincare secrets of their own―other than for treating dry and damaged skin―as listed below:

• As a lip gloss in place of other, more expensive lip gloss products.
• Applied to the cheeks to get a “natural dewy look” on the skin.
• Applied to the hairline during hair coloring to prevent staining of the skin with the hair dye.
• Diaper rash.

Aquaphor Wonders Contest

For uncovering other similar beauty and skincare secrets that users of Aquaphor may have likewise discovered in their home, Dr. Ingleton tells viewers that the makers of Aquaphor are sponsoring a “Aquaphor Wonders Contest” where contestants can send in a short piece about how Aquaphor helped them and why it matters. According to The Dr. Oz Show website, every month, they’ll choose 5 stories to each win $40 worth of Aquaphor products. Then, at the end of the year, Aquaphor will select 5 of the monthly winners and give them each a $3,000 American Express gift card towards making their biggest personal wonder dreams come true!

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