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Detox Your Life to Weight Loss Success with This Life Coach Advice

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Life Coach advice on losing weight

Here are some weight loss secrets from a Life Coach about how to detox your body and mind and lose weight in the process.


Did you know that there is more to losing weight than eating right and getting plenty of exercise? That’s the message from Life Coach Carolyn Anderson who tells viewers on FOX 6 Now News that losing weight is also about getting your mind in shape by detoxing your life.

Ms. Anderson’s weight loss story relates to many women who find themselves having gained a significant amount of weight by the time their third child was born and feeling that the life they once knew was essentially over. However, some introspection led Ms. Anderson to realize that it wasn’t the extra pounds she was carrying, but her mindset on how she perceived herself that was her real problem and weighing her down both physically and emotionally.

“I started exercising, changing what I ate, and I started seeing myself differently and that’s when I realized that the weight started coming off…it started with my mind,” says Ms. Anderson.

Detox Tips for Mind and Body

As part of how she changed her mindset that she found contributed to her weight loss success, Ms. Anderson shares these following detox tips that can put your mind in shape with your body.

Detox Tip #1: Write Down Goals on Paper―According to Ms. Anderson, once you can see a goal in your mind—write it down. Writing down a goal makes it more tangible and helps hold you accountable to doing what it takes to achieve that goal. Her example was a goal of increasing the amount of muscle you carry. By exercising more, the added muscle followed and so did some weight loss with the extra calories burned both from building and possessing more muscle.

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Detox Tip #2: When Food Shopping, Don’t Buy in Bulk―“When you buy in bulk, you tend to eat all of that stuff,” says Ms. Anderson who points out that buying too much food is part of a toxic hoarding mindset people find themselves doing that leads to gaining weight. Her advice is to shop weekly rather than monthly, chose fresh produce, and buy in smaller quantities so that there is no temptation or feeling that you have to eat it all to avoid wasting food you paid money for.

Detox Tip #3: Don’t Clog Your Pores―Ms. Anderson points out that clogging your pores with some skincare products is actually preventing your body from naturally ridding itself of toxins.

“Perspiration is a natural way for our body to release toxins, but when we use products that clogs the pores what tends to happen is that there is no way for perspiration to carry the toxins out of your body and so you are not losing the weight you want to lose…know what you are using on your body and use things that do not clog your pores,” says Ms. Anderson.

Her advice is to choose products that don’t have as many chemicals in them and to avoid antiperspirants that prevent you from sweating; deodorants are a better choice for good hygiene and health.

Her final advice to viewers is to remember that weight loss is not a destination, but should be viewed with the mindset that it is a journey. When dieters reach their goal and feel that they “have arrived,” that is when they tend to backslide and regain all that lost weight.

“You have to keep it up as a lifestyle, because it is a way of life,” Ms. Anderson reminds her viewers.

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