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Deepak Chopra’s Weight Loss Advice Balances with New Study’s Findings

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Deepak Chopra and Dr. Oz

Do you believe that starving yourself is the only way that you’ll ever lose weight? Not so fast with that fast. According to a new study, starving your body is not the answer when it comes to losing fat fast. Here is a new connection scientists found between white and brown fat and how this balances with weight loss advice from Deepak Chopra.


According to Prevention magazine, a compelling reason why dieters should not starve themselves is revealed in a new study published in the journal Cell, where scientists recently discovered that the brain actually listens and responds to fullness signals from the stomach and begins the process of converting white fat into brown fat. While white fat is the accumulation type of fat in the body, its brown form is the type that burns off those calories.

In the study, the researchers monitored the behavior of hunger-regulating neurons in the brains of mice and found that hunger and appetite signals act on brain neurons to control the conversion of white fat to brown fat in the body. When the mice were starved, white fat was prevented from turning into brown fat. However, when the starved mice were returned to a controlled normal diet, their bodies resumed converting white fat into brown fat―but without any weight gain.

Prevention writer Marygrace Taylor points out the question then is on how to find the right balance between eating enough food to encourage brown fat production in the body, but not so much that you get past that point and begin to gain weight.

While scientists do not yet have an exact number for human dieters on what the recommended calorie number should be that optimizes the balance between brown fat production and white fat accumulation, health expert Deepak Chopra offers some sage advice on how to prevent weight gain by gauging your own numbers.

On a recent episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz brings health expert Deepak Chopra onstage for a brief one-on-one help desk to assist some audience members on getting the answers they need about their health problems.

One audience member, Lisa, told Dr. Oz and Deepak that she is having weight loss surgery this January and wants to know what she can do for now and afterwards to prevent weight gain.

While Dr. Oz prefers dieting and exercise for weight loss over surgery, he does admit that sometimes other health issues come into play that justifies a patient seeking weight loss surgery, and defers to Deepak on what he believes Lisa should do both before and after the surgery.

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According to Deepak Chopra, the key to preventing weight gain and losing weight, is to gauge how empty (or full) you are before reaching for that next bite. Deepak recommends that people think of their hunger on a scale of one to ten where a one indicates that your body is famished and a ten is how your body feels after a Thanksgiving dinner.

“You should only eat when you are a two or a three. And you should stop when you are a five or a six,” says Deepak. “Practice body awareness—don’t fill up your stomach. Go about two-thirds leaving one-third for digestion. Practice body awareness. Gauge your hunger level. And you will be fine.”

Which makes sense according to what some of the more successful weight loss plans and dieticians have told us about the obesity problem in America being really about eating too much (and too much of the wrong foods) on a daily basis. Aside from a few relatively rare exceptions, it’s all about the calories. Consume more, burn less―equals weight gain; consume less, burn more―equals weight loss. Do the math.

For more about moderating how much food you eat, here is a new weight loss gadget that will help you gauge how much food you are actually eating, plus a Diet Less, Lose More 2-Day Diet Plan from Prevention Magazine.

Image source: Courtesy of The Dr. Oz Show


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