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Correct Diagnosis Helped this Dieter Lose 50 Pounds

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Polycystic ovary syndrome can cause weight gain

Are you among the many women who cannot lose weight because of a misdiagnosis? Here’s how one woman finally received a correct diagnosis that helped her lose 50 pounds.


According to a recent episode of Good Morning America, Debbie Savage continued to gain weight as the years slipped by in spite of the fact that she was doing all of the right things such as eating right, getting enough exercise and sleep.

Seeking an answer for her problem, Debbie sought help from multiple physicians, but received platitudes instead.

“I would go to the doctor once a year and every year he would tell me, ‘Your weight has gone up,’” Savage said in an interview that aired on “Good Morning America.” “And I would tell him, ‘I am trying,’ and he’d say, ‘Oh, you’re just not trying hard enough.’”

It wasn’t until she met her 5th physician before her problem with weight gain began to have a definable cause diagnosed as “polycystic ovary syndrome” (PCOS)―a medical condition in which the ovaries usually become enlarged and/or develop small cysts that leads to abnormal levels of male hormones (androgens) which can cause infertility, abnormal facial hair growth…and unusual weight gain.

Here is her story on ABC News and how she lost 50 pounds in just six months after the diagnosis:

Other Conditions that Can Cause Weight Gain

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However, according to health experts, unexplained weight gain can be due to other medical conditions other than polycystic ovary syndrome such as:

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The take-home message is that no one knows your body better than you, and if you feel that you are not getting the correct answers to your health problems, then it’s time to become proactive and seek a second, a third…or as in Debbie’s case—a fifth opinion.

For more examples about when going to another physician may be in your best interest, here’s One Shocking Reason Why Getting a Second Opinion is So Important.

Reference: ABC News GMA “Woman Reveals Diagnosis She Says Led to 50-Pound Weight Loss, Pregnancy

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