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The Coolest Way to Lose Weight?

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There’s a new twist to losing weight while chilling out…literally. Here’s the latest wearable weight loss product that claims to be the coolest way to lose weight.


Advertised verbatim that, “The Thin Ice weight system is the most advanced and effortless weight loss weapon on the planet,” the creator of the Thin Ice wearable weight loss vest and shoe insoles claims that just by wearing his products you can actually trick your body into burning up to 1000 calories per day!

As it turns out, this is another version of the earlier publicized Cold Shoulder Vest with the exception that the Thin Ice vest appears less bulky, possesses special localized sensors that are controlled by your smartphone, and includes cooling insoles that adds another 500 calories to the claimed weight loss abilities. According to the Thin Ice inventor―Toronto-based personal trainer and former athlete Adam Paulin―by stimulating specific parts of the foot and abdomen rather than the whole foot or chest ensures that there is less discomfort while maintaining a substantial metabolic response.

“If you do feel the chill you can always adjust the temperature of your Thin Ice clothing via smartphone to accommodate your comfort level,” Mr. Paulin is quoted in the online version of the Daily Mail.

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But essentially, both systems are based on the same concept that when a cooling system is worn against the body, it lowers your skin temperature and thereby forces the body to burn calories to generate heat to keep you at your core temperature.

But is this scientifically valid? Not really. There is at least one anecdotal case in the extreme where an individual reputedly nearly tripled his weight-loss rate without changing his calorie-restricted diet by drinking a gallon of ice cold water a day, taking cold showers and cold baths throughout the day, and going on “shiver walks” in freezing temperatures with little clothing on. However, this in no way qualifies as a rigorous study where scientists are separating the real science from the pseudo and marketing hype.

As it turns out, the idea―and attraction―of losing weight easily by simply donning some weight loss underwear or a special waist trainer persists and will continue now that concept of “smart clothing” is becoming a recent reality with the advent of tiny and affordable microprocessors and sensors that can be woven into clothing and communicate wirelessly with your activity monitor or smartphone.

Cool? Yes. Weight loss that works? The only thing you are more likely to lose is your cold cash.

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