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Convince Your Friends to Exercise with You Using These 4 Motivators

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Exercising with Friends

Do you hate exercising alone, but just cannot convince your friends to exercise with you? With these 4 tips from Dr. Oz: The Good Life, you can tweak his advice into motivators that will have you and your friends becoming healthier and losing weight faster than ever.

In the May/June issue of Dr. Oz: The Good Life, readers are inspired to try out the one simple exercise that they claim surpasses almost any other tool in your doctor’s toolkit - walking!

The benefits of walking have been known for centuries and were the muse for an essay titled “Walking” written by Henry David Thoreau who waxed poetic about the joys of walking. A small sample of his work reflects these sound thoughts on health:

I think that I cannot preserve my health and spirits, unless I spend four hours a day at least,—and it is commonly more than that,—sauntering through the woods and over the hills and fields, absolutely free from all worldly engagements. You may safely say, A penny for your thoughts, or a thousand pounds. When sometimes I am reminded that the mechanics and shopkeepers stay in their shops not only all the forenoon, but all the afternoon too, sitting with crossed legs, so many of them—as if the legs were made to sit upon, and not to stand or walk upon—I think that they deserve some credit for not having all committed suicide long ago.

Perhaps in the 1800’s some people had the inclination and time to walk for 4 hours a day. But in the 21st century, life is a little more fast-paced in both our interest span and our time schedules than they were for Thoreau.

Still, walking can be an important and effective way to exercise, and can be tailored to meet a modern-day woman’s schedule. For example, a past report on Consumer Reports on Health tell us how we can prevent walking workout burnout to help keep us inclined to continue this great way to exercise and relax. And today, Dr. Oz’s advice on “4 New Ways to Take a Walk” reveals how you can manage your time between your friends and your exercising and never have to walk alone again on the path to weight loss.

The following 4 motivators will help you convince your friends to get started on the right foot toward exercising together to a good live filled with great health:

Walking Motivator #1: Add Friends as Needed

One of the biggest obstacles to finding and convincing friends to walk with you for exercise is that they may decline because they are not in as good shape as you are and they will slow you down. The remedy for this type of situation is to start your walk 40 minutes earlier at your pace and then adding them on later during your trek for a less intensive 20-minute ramble together.

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Walking Motivator #2: Be a Walking Book Club

The editors of Dr. Oz: The Good Life recommend combining interests and activities to save time―and take your mind off of the fact that you are exercising―by meeting with like-minded book club friends. Having your weekly meetings on foot together will not only save time, but burn additional calories and prevent you from having that book club mocha.

But if you are going solo, the editors also recommend an app called “The Walk―Fitness Tracker and Game” where the user must complete a certain amount of exercise in order to unlock the next segment of a story. There are also other versions of similar apps that have you sprinting and running away from brain-eating zombies.

Walking Motivator #3: Make Your Walk into a Piece of Art

Another app that has some cool friend-sharing appeal is one by MappMyWalk.com that helps you design a walking route into almost any creative shape you want that will display your progress on your smartphone. You can entice friends to join you in your walks together as you try to see how far long along the route before your friend figures out what the design will be. Have a third person design the route in secret and pit friends against one another.

Walking Motivator #4: Beat the Clock(s)

Who says “Life isn’t a race” or that “Everything is not a competition”? People who don’t understand how important a competitive spirit is to exercising and keeping it fun. The advice here is to choose landmarks along your route that you will fast-walk between, and time your progress and/or that of your friend’s. The great benefit here is some friendly competition to keep your walking partner interested and burn more calories in less time!

Walking Exercise Advice for Cardiac Patients

One last bit of advice for walkers or want-to-be walkers with a heart condition, checkout this advice on a new walking technique that is safe and healthy for heart failure patients.

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Reference: Dr. Oz: The Good Life May/June 2014 issue