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Consequences to Consider Before Losing that Extra Weight

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Losing Extra Weight

According to The View co-host Rosie O'Donnell, losing a significant amount of weight isn’t all positive she recently revealed on ABC News after having had a vertical gastric sleeve procedure that helped her lose 50 pounds. To help dieters prepare for potential consequences following successful weight loss, here is a summary about four things people don’t tell you about major weight loss as recently reported by writer Rachael Swalin for Health.com.


According to ABC News during an interview of Ms. O'Donnell, getting used to your new body after losing weight can result in some emotional turbulence that include expected pluses and unexpected minuses of successful weight loss.

"The fact that I look so different has been difficult and unexpected," says Ms. O'Donnell. "Everyone assumes that obese people would just be jumping for joy that they were healthier and thinner and able to fit into store-bought sizes, we don't have to go to the plus store. But it's also filled with a lot of emotional turbulence, you wouldn't expect."

Ms. O'Donnell points out that finding support from other people in similar situations is helpful—especially since weight loss by one spouse can lead to resentment and marital problems with the other spouse.

"I have a group that I go to, where women talk about how they feel," she said. "A lot of marriages break up once one person gets healthy. Luckily, my wife is very healthy, always been healthy, loves me and encourages me to be healthy."

In fact, according to Health.com, a study published in the journal PLOS One reported that of 1,979 people who entered a weight loss study, in which 14% lost at least 5% of their initial body weight, nearly half of those were more likely to report feeling depressed afterward.

Health‘s contributing psychology editor, Gail Saltz, MD, states that this may be due to dieters discovering that losing weight was not a panacea for all of their problems.

“Sometimes other things are making you unhappy, and the expectation that weight loss will fix it doesn’t pan out, which makes you even more unhappy,” says Dr. Saltz.

Four Consequences of Weight Loss

To help dieters prepare for the aftermath of weight loss, here are 4 consequences Health.com lists that you need to be aware of:

Weight Loss Consequence #1: You may not be prepared for increased attention

According to Health.com, before losing weight you may not have had many people making an effort to talk to you; but then, find yourself in what can be awkward social situations after the pounds have melted away.

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“Some people keep weight on unconsciously to protect themselves from intimacy with others,” says Dr. Saltz. “This is especially true in settings of sexual intimacy. The fear of being hit on or being sexual with others may terrify some so much it causes them to regain the weight.”

Weight Loss Consequence #2: Your partner may not be supportive

Dr. Saltz explains that losing weight can actually be threatening to a spouse as your shaping up forces your significant other to think about their own health choices. He or she may also fear that you have now become attractive to others or that you now look better than they do. And, the perceived balance of power in the relationship could shift, resulting in a fear of losing their identity.

She also points out that this is not limited to married couples, but could apply to friendships as well.

Weight Loss Consequence #3: Your clothing options may feel scary

A new body means new clothes. And while shopping for a new wardrobe may at first seem like a nice reward for a hard-earned victory, in truth it can be both intimidating and costly. Wearing smaller sized clothing that is often styled to be revealing can cause emotional discomfort. Furthermore, this type of clothing is typically more expensive and can seriously affect your budget.

Weight Loss Consequence #4: Your body might not match your expectations

Losing weight―especially without muscle toning done in conjunction―can lead to loose folds of skin, a flat butt and sagging breasts, which then leaves a dieter severely disappointed in how they actually look after losing all that weight. In other words, Health.com points out that being thinner doesn’t mean your body will look “perfect” to you now, and will take some adjusting to and new body issues to deal with that will take time to fix.

If you are considering weight loss surgery to achieve significant weight loss, here is how two popular weight loss surgical procedures measured up 3 years later for some patients according to one study.

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