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Common Eyedrops Causes Human Hair to Regrow Promising Baldness Cure, Study Shows

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For people who are faced with unwanted hair loss (alopecia) such as in cases of male pattern baldness, researchers have recently reported their findings that the glaucoma drug “Bimatoprost” can actually cause human hair to regrow as demonstrated in both mouse and human scalp skin cells.


In what is described as yet another case where a drug designed for treating one condition shows unexpected efficacy in working as a drug for another, unrelated condition, scientists are excited about the potential value this already FDA-approved drug may hold for increasing the quality of life for many who are bald or going bald. Similar incidences of serendipity that resulted in useful and profitable medical treatments include Viagra, which was originally designed for treating hypertension and angina, and with Minoxidil, which was also originally designed for treating hypertension.

Although the glaucoma drug Bimatoprost has been previously prescribed not only for treating glaucoma, but for lengthening eyelashes, its application for head hair growth has presumably been largely ignored due to that eyelash hair and follicle cells significantly differ from other hair types and are not responsive to testosterone levels—a primary source of hair loss in male pattern baldness.

However, since the effect(s) if any that Bimatoprost can have on other hair types was previously largely undetermined, researchers from the University of Bradford in the UK decided to perform three experiments—two of which tested Bimatoprost on human cells grown in culture and from human scalp, and a third experiment on the skin of bald areas on mice.

What the researchers found was that in all cases in the experiments, hair growth returned using Bimatoprost.

A news release quotes the researchers and the article’s publishing editor of the scientific publication The FASEB Journal as stating:

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"We hope this study will lead to the development of a new therapy for balding, which should improve the quality of life for many people with hair loss," said Valerie Randall, a researcher involved in the work from the University of Bradford, Bradford, UK. "Further research should increase our understanding of how hair follicles work and thereby allow new therapeutic approaches for many hair growth disorders."

"This discovery could be the long-awaited follow up to Viagra that middle-aged men have been waiting for," said Gerald Weissmann, MD, editor-in-chief of The FASEB Journal. "Given that the drug is already approved for human use and its safety profile is generally understood, this looks like a promising discovery that has been right in front of our eyes the whole time. On to the front of our scalp!"

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Reference: “The prostamide-related glaucoma therapy, bimatoprost, offers a novel approach for treating scalp alopecias” The FASEB Journal (Oct. 26, 2012); Karzan G. Khidhir et al.



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