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Cold Hands and the Serious Medical Condition That You May Not Be Aware You Have

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Cold Hands

Do you suffer from cold hands and/or cold feet? According to Dr. Oz you could be one of the estimated 15 million Americans who suffer from cold hands and cold feet that indicate a serious underlying medical condition that you may not be aware you have.

“Anemia is the medical condition with the best known symptom of exhaustion. It’s felt by almost every woman from time to time,” says Dr. Oz who explains to viewers how they can tell if they really are anemic and what they can do about it.

“There are about 15 million Americans who are anemic and they don’t even know it,” says Dr. Oz who tells viewers that although feeling constantly tired is the primary symptom most people know about that could indicate anemia, that there are other signs and symptoms of anemia as well that you might miss that you need to know about.

According to Dr. Oz you should suspect that you are anemic if you have any or all of following symptoms:

• Feeling constantly lethargic with fatigue and exhaustion
• Cold hands and/or cold feet
• Pale skin
• Frequent headaches
• Dizziness

Dr. Oz explains that anemia can be caused by a lot things, but that it’s primarily about the fact that your blood is not carrying enough red blood cells around to bring oxygen to your body tissues and organs. When not enough oxygen is getting to the tissues, your body responds by feeling sluggish, irritable and unable to accomplish normal everyday tasks with your usual zeal or energy level.

“We need nutrients to build those red blood cells,” says Dr. Oz telling viewers that the important nutrients for helping to build red blood cells include folic acid, iron and vitamin B-12, which you can typically get enough of from taking a daily multivitamin supplement.

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Supplemental iron is especially important for women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant because studies have shown that pregnant women who take supplemental iron daily have a decreased risk of giving birth to a low birth weight infant and an increased likelihood of having a healthy sized baby.

“That’s the trifecta of nutrients that you need for making red blood cells. And although I like multivitamins for that reason as an insurance policy, you need to take it all day long. But it’s hard to get that stuff all day long—so I like to take it in food,” says Dr. Oz.

For insuring that you are providing your body with enough of the three essential nutrients you need to keep your red blood cells at normal levels, Dr. Oz recommends making the following foods as part of your diet:

• Clams
• Crabs
• Beef products like steak
• Eggs
• Nutritional yeast

To find help if you believe that you are anemic or suffering from some other medical condition, Dr. Oz recommends that viewers go to AskMD™ through his website in conjunction with ShareCare.

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Reference: The Dr. Oz Show