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Cold Brew Coffee May Be the Next New Health Drink for Weight Loss

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Cold Brew Coffee for weight loss

Do you find that cutting out your iced mocha Frappuccino drink is just too difficult while trying to lose weight because your body really needs the caffeine to function normally? According to Shape magazine, the solution you need may be found by switching to cold brew coffee to assist your weight loss efforts.


Cold brew coffee is often mistaken for iced coffee, when in fact they are two very different drinks. Iced coffee is coffee that comes from heat-brewed coffee beans and then poured into a glass of ice cubes. Because the taste is somewhat bitter, condensed milk sweetener and chocolate are typically added to soften the impact on the palate, but at the cost of added calories.

Cold brew coffee on the other hand, differs in how it is made and how many calories result when the drink is concocted. Cold brewing coffee is simply taking some coarse-ground roasted coffee beans and allowing it to seep overnight in cold-filtered water in the fridge. Then, the next day it is poured over ice and consumed as-is―with much fewer calories than the hot-brewed cold drink described earlier.

According to Shape magazine writer Kylie Gilbert, the reason why cold brew coffee can be drank as-is, is because the cold brewing process avoids the extraction of acids and oils from the ground coffee beans that produces brewed coffee’s bitter bite.

"By leaving behind certain acids and oils that you get with heat, you’re left with a much mellower, smoother, less bitter coffee,” states Matt Bachmann, co-founder of New-York-based Wandering Bear Coffee Co. as quoted by Ms. Gibert.

In fact, rather than experiencing the bitterness, people often discover more of a nutty, citrus-like, chocolatey rich cacao flavor when sipping the cold brew. Just recently, Starbucks stores announced the launch of their own Cold Brew Blend that combines coffee beans from Latin American and Africa that are cold brewed for 20 hours to create a special drink that is just now being offered in 2,800 stores across the U.S and Canada.

So what makes cold brew coffee a health drink? Well for starters, practically any drink that is less-damaging to weight loss efforts than typical sugar-laden drinks appears to qualify as a health drink—even reportedly bulletproof coffee containing butter (although Shape magazine argues it is not a weight loss health drink). However, more specifically, coffee is associated with weight loss; and, the cold brew method provides the caffeine jump start needed without the added syrups and high-calorie creamers.

Cold Brew Coffee at Home

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The other great thing about cold brew coffee is that it’s easy to make at home. The following instructions explain how to make a cold brew overnight while you sleep for a fresh drink in the morning:

• Coarse-grind 1 cup of your favorite roasted coffee beans for every 3 cups of cold-filtered water.

• Stir the coffee and water thoroughly to ensure a good initial soak.

• Either pour the mix into a French Press without the plunger and its top wrapped tightly with plastic wrap; or, pour the mix into a Mason jar and seal with its lid. The advantage of a French press is that using the plunger later screens out any bean debris. If you go the Mason jar route, use a coffee filter or cheese cloth to filter before drinking.

• Allow the mix to cold brew in the fridge a minimum of 12-14 hours.

• The next day, strain the brew from the beans and pour over ice.

Try the cold brew coffee as-is before reaching for any flavorings or creamers to see if its taste is pleasant enough without any added calories. And if you want to add a chocolate to it, go for some dark chocolate that research recently showed actually helps increase weight loss during a low-carb diet.

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