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Coffee Can Cause Cancer Contingent on One Condition Say Scientists

Very hot drinks scald the esopahgus and cause cancer

Can coffee cause cancer? Not proven, say World Health Organization scientists now who however point a finger at this exception that could possibly make your next cup of coffee cancerous.


According to recent news, in May of 2016 a group of 23 WHO scientists from ten countries met at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in Lyon, France, to report on their evaluation of the potential cancer-causing effects of drinking coffee, mate, and other hot beverages. Previously, they had tagged coffee as possibly carcinogenic. Today, however, they have amended that possibility for only when coffee is served too hot.

Here is a video about the new report:

Safe Coffee Temp Preference

The good news then is that for most American coffee drinkers is that we have nothing to worry about since the preference for coffee served at its hottest is about 175 degrees F and then allowed to cool down with careful sips somewhere closer to 150-155 degrees F. But if you are looking for something cooler in coffee, here is something on Cold Brew Coffee that May Be the Next New Health Drink for Weight Loss.

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However, in many countries worldwide such as South America, the Middle East and East Africa, the temperature preference is significantly hotter—especially when drinking tea or some other infusions. And that’s where the first connections were made based on limited evidence linking hot beverages like coffee with cancer. Today, the WHO scientists offer that none of the typical popular beverages show any evidence of causing cancer as long as the temperature the beverage consumed is not hot enough to cause burning of the tissue in the esophagus, which then could lead to cancer development.

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