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Celebrity Chef Reveals His Weight Loss Lists on Oz Show

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Celebrity Chef Alton Brown on Dr. Oz

Celebrity Chef Alton Brown, who lost 50 pounds and maintained his weight loss for over two years, reveals on The Dr. Oz Show his four lists of foods he eats and does not eat that prevents him from regaining his lost weight. The weight loss lists are both simple and effective, and according to celebrity chef Alton Brown, still allows a dessert of your choice that will not interfere with your weight loss goals.

Alton Brown is a celebrity chef, creator of “Good Eats” and host of Food Network’s “The Next Iron Chef.” Alton Brown is a living testimony that even when surrounded by great tasting food as much as he is, that weight loss is an achievable goal for everyone. To maintain his fifty pound weight loss, Alton Brown sticks to his four weight loss lists of foods he eats and does not eat and reveals them to the public on a recent episode of The Dr. Oz Show.

“You came up with a plan of four different lists,” says Dr. Oz.
“The “Plan of Four Lists” I call it,” said Alton Brown.

“How did you come up with that name?” asks Dr. Oz.
“It was built on just trying to make sure that I loaded up my diet on foods I should have and not on foods that I shouldn’t have. And they all fell into one of four lists…it just make sense,” said Alton Brown.

The first list of his four-list plan is a list of the foods that you should eat daily.

List #1: Foods to Eat Daily
• Dark leafy greens
• Nuts
• Carrots
• Green tea
• Whole grains
• Fruits

Alton Brown states that he eats from list #1 everyday without exception. For his fruits he typically pre-portions purple colored berries such as blueberries, blackberries and Concord grapes in 4-oz bags and freezes them away to use later in a morning smoothie drink. “Pre-portioning is a big trick for me,” says Alton Brown. Furthermore, he advises Dr. Oz that eating the seeds of the berries is a great source for getting the majority of the nutrition from berries.

For his morning whole grain he eats oatmeal every day and recommends quick-frying the oats for a couple of minutes in a pan to enhance the flavor of the oats.

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Brown's second list of his four-list plan consists of foods that you should eat three times a week.

List #2: Foods to Eat Three Times a Week
• Yogurt
• Cauliflower
• Broccoli
• Sweet potato
• Avocado
• Oily fish
• Tofu

“You have sardines, which I absolutely adore,” says Dr. Oz.
“I have to have oily dish fish at least three times a week. And I even travel with them,” says Alton Brown as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a can of sardines. “When I travel on the road I always carry a can of sardines because they are a perfect portion size and sometimes I’ll even use the can to portion out other foods on the road so that I don’t overeat.”

List 3: Foods to Eat Once a Week
• Red meat
• White starch
• Desserts
• Alcohol

“The third list are foods that I can have ONLY once a week. Once,” stresses Alton Brown. “Red meat, white starch—like in rice or bread. Dessert - I can have any kind I want. Once. And alcohol, once a week,” he says admitting that he likes to make it a martini because, “If you are going to have one drink a week - make it count.”

List 4: Foods to Never Eat / Foods to Avoid at All Times
• Soda
• Processed meals
• Canned soups
• “Diet” anything

“You have to be able to say, ‘There are foods that I do not eat.’ Or you will be unsuccessful,” says Alton Brown. “My zero foods are: I do not fast food in any shape or form. If it has a drive-thru I don’t go through it. Soda, I don’t drink sodas and do not eat any processed foods, canned soups or anything with the work diet on it, because I believe in owning up to flavor and I will not have diet desserts. I think that diet things, especially like diet sodas, convinces us that we need a very high level of sweetness every day and I think that it tricks your brain,” says Alton Brown.

Celebrity Chef Alton Brown lives by his “Plan of Four” weight loss lists and encourages others with his advice that by sticking to his four lists that you are guaranteed success toward your weight loss goals. For more information on how to avoid gaining back weight you have already lost, take a look at this 7-tip article on avoiding holiday weight gain.

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It's amazing. How did alton brown lose so much weight. Another thing that amazes me a lot is this. Some great chefs are way overweight, which makes kind of sense. But some others, especially in Europe, are not overweight at all. How do you explain this?