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Can Your Bones Make You Fat? Try Bone Healthy Skinny Snack

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Healthy snack from Dr. Oz

"Are your bones making you fat? The answer is that your bones can make you fat. But, it’s not your fault," says Dr. Oz in a recent episode of the Dr. Oz Show where he explains how that your bones are making you fat, and shows viewers how they can prevent gaining weight while at the same time keeping their bones healthy by eating his special “bone healthy skinny snack.”

Dr. Oz talks about how your bones may be making you fat by showing his viewers what the inside of a human femur looks like and explains that bones are not as hollow as we may think. He tells us that they actually are filled with red bone marrow where red blood cells are produced. However, he also points out that along with the bone marrow there are deposits of fat inside your bones. “When you have fat in your bones it does things - it secretes chemicals. It secretes a very important chemical called ‘leptin,’” says Dr. Oz. He then explains that there may be a connection between the fat in your bones and feelings of hunger you may have when you are not really hungry. “Leptin is made by your fat cells and it’s secreted and it tells the brain, ‘Hey you know what? You do not need to eat any more food, you’ve got plenty of me around—you’ve got fat around.’”

Dr. Oz explains that leptin works like a traffic signal system. When you are at a healthy weight, the leptin system works great—the light turns green when it’s time for your body to eat. If you are a healthy weight and you’ve just eaten, the leptin system then turns on a red light telling your brain that you’ve eaten and that you don’t need any more food.

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“Here’s the problem,” says Dr. Oz. “When you begin to get overweight, the body begins to store fat—not just in the belly, but in the bones. And when it stores fat in the bones it messes up this very delicate system,” says Dr. Oz. He tells his viewers that the excess fat in bones sends confusing messages to the brain that makes the brain resistant to the leptin signals and therefore makes it difficult for you to decide whether you are really hungry or not. That it’s like a blinking yellow light where you cannot decide what to do or where to go.

“It causes people who are putting on weight to not be able to hear what their body is signaling to them,” says Dr. Oz. However, he also explains that this is reversible by simply taking off a few pounds that will result in getting your brain to respond appropriately to the leptin signaling. “Take off enough weight so that the body can begin to hear the signals…and you will begin taking yourself back in the direction you want to be,” says Dr. Oz.

To help people with their bone fat, Dr. Oz shows his viewers what he calls his “bone healthy skinny snack,” which consists of a mixture of dried figs, pumpkin seeds and cashew nuts. “This little snack pack gives you calcium, magnesium…and you know what else? Stick in a little vitamin K 2, like the kind that is found in fermented products like bier cheese. Those will also help the bone, because the bone needs Vitamin K2 to interact with these,” advises Dr. Oz.

Image source of a healthy snack: Flickr: Creative Commons License