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Burn 500 Calories a Day with This New Invention by a NASA Scientist for Weight Loss

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Burning 500 calories a day

Are you already eating well and getting moderate exercise and want to accelerate your calorie-burning efforts―while at rest?! Here’s one idea a NASA scientist came up with that others swear helped them lose weight easily.


Would you like to burn calories like Michael Phelps? According to news reports, while training for the Olympics, Michael Phelps consumed and burned approximately 12,000 calories per day. While a good portion of his calorie burning had to do with his workouts, a NASA scientist says that his swimming in cold water was also a major contributor to the amount of daily calories burned. This observation has led to the invention of The Cold Shoulder Vest that he claims can help a person burn an extra 500 calories per day—just by wearing the vest only 2 hours per day.

The Cold Shoulder Vest is essentially a vest fitted with multiple pockets that contain small freezer bags that when wore against the body, lowers your skin temperature and thereby forces the body to burn calories to generate heat to keep you at your core temperature.

“Your body has to maintain 98.6 degrees in order to be healthy. Your body will go to whatever measures are necessary to keep you at 98.6,” says The Cold Shoulder Vest inventor Dr. Wayne Hayes―a NASA scientist and UC Irvine professor―who explains that by wearing the vest it induces your body to experience mild cold exposure. He also stated that his clinical trials show that wearing his vest can cause the body to burn up to 500 calories per day if you wear it twice a day for one hour each time.

Dr. Hayes’ wife states that although she did not weigh herself while trying out the vest, that she did find that she lost 1 inch around her ribs just by wearing the vest for 2 weeks.

A second claimed benefit to wearing the vest is that it also appears to increase the amount of brown fat in the body which leads to added calorie burning in the body.

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Brown fat burns calories as opposed to white fat which stores calories,” says Dr. Hayes, which he also points out was another reason why Michael Phelps was able to consume and burn so many calories on a daily basis.

As it turns out, however, you can induce this mild cold exposure without the vest by simply doing what one researcher did in the past: drink a gallon of ice cold water a day and take cold showers and cold baths during the day. Mr. Haynes points out that the researcher found that he tripled his weight loss following this regimen. The Cold Shoulder Vest, however, makes the mild cold exposure much more comfortable and easier to do on a daily basis.

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