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Block Your Bloat and Get into Those Skinny Jeans with This Latest Advice

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Bloating advice from expert on CBS News

Would you like to finally get rid of your bloating problem so that you can fit into your skinny jeans once again? Here is the latest advice from a bloating expert on how to block your bloat.


The reason why you cannot get into your skinny jeans may not necessarily be due to some extra weight gained. In fact, according to a recent CBS News report bloating could be the culprit, which can be easily treated with advice from body bloat expert and gastroenterologist Dr. Robynne Chutkan.

Bloating is really nothing more than an excessive amount of air or gas trapped in the digestive tract. However, that excessive gas can lead to pain and make you feel like you are obese and/or that your dieting attempts are not working. Paradoxically, even some weight loss supplements like this popular supplement could be giving you your bloat.

The good news is that your bloat is fairly easy to treat such as with these past recommendations on bloat busting tips and how to get into your skinny jeans in just 10 minutes.

More recently, here is a CBS News video interview of Dr. Chutkan who has helped deflate thousands of women and get them comfortably back into their skinny jeans and tells us that bloating has reached epidemic proportions due to a variety of causes:

Two Recommended Anti-Bloating Tips

Anti-Bloating Tip #1: Although cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, kale, cauliflower and cabbage are healthy for us and great for dieting, they are also notorious for causing bloating. Dr. Chutkan’s advice is to eat those types of vegetables in small amounts at each meal and to add lemon juice to those veggies to help stimulate your digestive enzymes.

Anti-Bloating Tip #2: According to Dr. Chutkan, heartburn drugs can bring on bloating by changing the environment of the stomach.

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"Acid-suppressing drugs work very effectively which is why they're very helpful for heartburn, but they also turn the pH of the stomach from acidic into alkali and turn it from an inhospitable, unfriendly place for gut bacteria to a very friendly, hospitable place for gut bacteria to multiply and overgrow in the stomach," Chutkan said. This, in turn, produces a lot of gas, she explained.

Her advice: Try to taper off on the antacids, avoid foods that cause heartburn, and sleep with your head elevated to keep acid reflux from rising.

You can find more bloating advice from Dr. Chutkan’s new book "The Bloat Cure: 101 Natural Solutions for Real and Lasting Relief."

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