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A Bikini Beach-Ready Body in Just 6 weeks: Here’s How

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Summer is almost over, so why bother with a bikini beach-ready body over the next 6 weeks? Well for starters, there’s always the indoor gym pool, the outdoor sauna party, and your most critical admirer - the mirror. But an even more important reason is that by working on building a bikini beach-ready body in just 6 weeks, you in fact are preparing your body with good eating habits that will help you keep off the pounds this holiday season.


The following is a summary of Shape magazine editor-in-chief Tara Kraft’s “BEACH” rules from her new book, The Bikini Body Diet, that she says are the key rules to losing weight steadily and healthfully.

BEACH Rules for Weight Loss and Muscle Gain


ody buffers are those muscle-building proteins that are among the most important components of developing lean muscle and increasing your fat-burning metabolism at the same time. Begin your day with a high source of protein such as eggs. Ms. Kraft tells readers that research has shown that a high-protein breakfast actually alters your body’s hunger signals, leading to decreased nighttime snacking. However, during the remainder of the day, focus on leaner protein sources like chicken and seafood combined with vegetables and herbs.


veryday energizers like fruit should also be a part of every meal. Fruit possesses nutrients, antioxidants and fiber that your body needs to be healthy. The other benefit of fruit is that it can help decrease those cravings for sugar-filled foods that don’t belong in a bikini beach-ready body. Make sure that you go for a wide color selection of fruits including blue from blueberries and plums.


ll-you-can-eat-anchors essentially means eating all of the vegetables that you possibly can—there’s no limit. While the cancer-preventing benefits of vegetables is reason enough to turn to upping your vegie intake, research has shown that increased veggie consumption is positively correlated with increased pounds of weight lost—a fact often promoted by health expert Dr. Joel Fuhrman when he talks about toxic hunger and dieting.

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rucial carbs means knowing which carbs you should enjoy and which you should avoid. In spite of all the confusing info on carbohydrates, it’s really quite simple—avoid all food products made with refined simple carbs/sugars and eat only those that are made from complex carbs such as whole, unprocessed grains that will digest slowly and provide added fiber to your diet. In addition, be wary of market breads that advertise their bread as whole grain, but actually “cut” some processed white flour into their mix.

For a great source of good carb bread, here is an easy and tasty Paleo bread recipe that you can mix in 5 minutes and eat after baking for 30 minutes.


erb and spices are flavor enhancers that not only can put more flavor into your meals and prevent you from back-sliding off your diet due to cravings, but some―such as belly fat burning spicy peppers―also actually increase your fat-burning metabolism. Ms. Kraft recommends to readers that they should experiment with herbs and spices to find combinations that taste decadent, but will not wreak havoc on their waistline.

For more about The Bikini Body Diet, you can order a copy of the book at bikinibodydietonline.com.

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Reference: Shape magazine, Jan. /Feb. 2014 issue