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Biggest Loser Secrets Revealed On The Dr. Oz Show That You Need To Know

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Biggest Loser Secrets on Dr. Oz Show

“For the first time ever, we are bringing all three Biggest Loser trainers together and they are spilling their biggest secrets to help you lose weight,” says Dr. Oz as he interviews Bob Harper, Dolvett Quince and Jillian Michaels to find out how they helped 236 contestants lose over 29,000 pounds combined.


Fourteen seasons of the widely popular The Biggest Loser competition reality show has attracted millions of faithful viewers as they root for their favorite team of contestants―a weight loss phenomenon that has resulted in the loss of thousands of pounds of fat, a new life for many, and motivated many viewers to become Biggest Losers in their own home. To help viewers of The Dr. Oz Show benefit from their tricks of the trade toward losing weight, Dr. Oz interviews the trainers of The Biggest Loser and gets them to reveal their weight loss secrets.

Listed below is a summary of advice and secrets gleaned from the most relevant questions Dr. Oz asked of all 3 trainers to reveal to viewers what it takes to lose weight The Biggest Loser way:

Advice on Weight Loss to Viewers of The Biggest Loser Show

“I would never want our viewers to try to compare their weight lost to the weight lost on the show―it’s not realistic in that way,” says trainer Bob Harper as he explains how that on the show the contestants work out up to 6 hours a day with their trainers, that their vital signs and blood chemical levels are continuously monitored and that every bit of food that they eat is monitored and controlled by the staff.

Common Traits Shared by Successful Contestants

“They have to have hope. If they can’t buy in it and they can’t believe it, then we’ll never get there…if you don’t have the hope, it’s over before you even begin,” says trainer Jillian Michaels.

“I see triumph of the spirit. I mean I see these contestants that have just completely lost their way. They come onto this show with hopes and dreams to transform and to change. And, when they see what we know they want their bodies to be, and it’s healthy, when they start to get on that path―nothing will stop them,” says trainer Bob Harper.

Eat to Lose Weight the Biggest Loser Style

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1. “Two big one’s [secrets] I like to use are to get a lot of fiber in your diet. I think that a lot of Americans are fiber deficient. Things like raspberries are one of the greatest sources of fiber. And, another thing I try to tell people all the time, is not to drink your calories,” says Trainer Bob Harper as he explains how shocked he is to see people constantly working out, yet erasing away the benefits of their workout by having a 400-600 calorie Grande-sized Mocha coffee beverage. “You might just as well have stayed at home,” says Trainer Bob Harper.

2. “I do a lot of vegetables, a lot of protein and only a minimum amount of carbs,” says Trainer Dolvett Quince. “And the carbs I choose are the good carbs, like brown rice and sweet potato. I have a ground rule—I don’t do white. When you go to a dinner and the first thing they put out is bread…don’t touch it, don’t touch it—that’s the rule.”

3. “The one universal golden rule is that you gotta count calories,” says Trainer Jillian Michaels. “It’s ultimately a calorie equation―it’s calories in versus calories out. So, for me, the bottom line number for women would be 1200…and for guys we usually say 1600.”

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