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Bet On Your Weight Loss Success for Profit and Fun

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Weight Loss Success

Are you willing to gamble on your health? Well, according to a recent newscast, there’s a safe and profitable way to not only motivate, but reward yourself as well toward weight loss success.


According to CBC News in Ontario, a new website based in New York City called “DietBet” helps losers become winners as participants in an internet weight loss game put their money (and less food) where their mouths are as they compete against other participants to see who can lose 10 per cent of their body weight in six months.

According to the DietBet website, DietBet makes losing weight fun and profitable by using the lure of money as a proven motivator to get people involved in their dieting and establishing healthy habits that are sustainable.

Basically, you enter into one of the posted weight loss challenges such as losing 10% of your body weight in 6 months. You place a bet of your choosing along with “before” photos showing your body and what you weigh on a scale. At the end of the time period, you must submit “after” photos to show that you met your challenge weight loss goal and thus won your bet.

The unusual feature of DietBet is its guarantee. As long as you win your diet bet, you will not lose money—at the very least you will regain the money you had bet, but stand a good chance of winning much more. It all depends on how many other contestants enter the competition and how many of them actually win their weight loss bet and thusly share in the pot. In the event that the challenge you are entered in has an unusually high percentage of winners, the owners of DietBet will forfeit their cut in order to ensure that nobody loses money.

The following news video shows an interview of Ottawa mother Laureen Krumshyn, who said that she bet $200 she’d lose 10 per cent of her body weight in six months.

Concern about Competitiveness

While some obesity experts have expressed concern that “gaming on weight loss” can lead to destructive, unhealthy behaviors in order to win, the owners of DietBet reassured the public that it seeks to prevent such occurrences by:

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• Not rewarding people for losing the most weight

• Not rewarding people for losing weight the quickest

• Not allowing anyone to enter the contest if they have a body-mass index under 18.5

For more information about the next upcoming weight loss contest available for betting on your weight loss success, go to the referenced DietBet website.

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