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Best Fat for Decreasing Weight Gain with Aging

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Slow down age related weight gain with olive oil diet

It’s a fact of life for most of us—middle age spread increases as we grow older. However, a new study says that cutting out all fats is not the answer; rather, we should focus on this best fat for decreasing weight gain with aging.


According to a new study, scientists believe that our fears of fats are misplaced and that we may be doing more harm than good trying to encourage the public to avoid fats altogether with low-fat, low-calorie dieting. In fact, earlier studies show How the Mediterranean Diet Trumps the Low-Fat Diet for Weight Loss.

This view comes in light of a new study consisting of over 7,000 dieters ranging in age from 55 to 80―of which greater than 90% were obese―who were followed during a 5-year long period to determine if those on a daily Mediterranean style high-fat diet using olive oil or nuts as their fat source fared better or worse than those on a control diet advised to go low-fat with their dieting.

The groups were designed as such:

• One group was placed on an unrestricted-calorie Mediterranean diet with added extra virgin olive oil―1 liter per week for themselves and their family. Here are 3 Surprising Findings about How Olive Oil Can Help One Lose Weight.

• One group was placed on an unrestricted-calorie Mediterranean diet with added nuts―15g of walnuts, 7.5g of almonds, and 7.5g of hazelnuts per week with an additional 1kg sachet of mixed nuts every three months. Here's how nuts should be part of a Superfood Shake to Build Your Perfect Body.

• One group as the control followed a typical low-fat diet.

Analysis of the study consisted of statistical comparisons of measured bodyweight and waist circumference at the beginning of the study and again approximately 5 years later.

What the researchers found was that:

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1. Participants in all three groups had marginally reduced bodyweight and increased waist circumference related to aging.

2. Those dieters who had their Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra-virgin olive oil lost more weight than those on a Mediterranean diet supplemented with nuts, and those on the low-fat control diet.

3. Those on a Mediterranean diet supplemented with nuts achieved smaller waist sizes than those who had their Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra-virgin olive oil, and those on the low-fat control diet. Here’s Why Mediterranean Diet Recipes Make the Best Flat Belly Food.

4. Both Mediterranean dieters on olive oil or nuts fared better overall compared to the typical low-fat dieting control group.

What the researchers concluded:

The researchers concluded from their findings that a long-term intervention with an unrestricted-calorie, high-vegetable-fat Mediterranean diet was associated with decreases in bodyweight and less gain in central adiposity compared with a control diet. Therefore, healthy fats should be the new rule for weight management advice as opposed to the challenged dogma that a low-fat diet―that includes all fats―should be the advice given to the public.

For more about how that some fats can help you lose weight, here is Dr. Oz's Miracle Fat That You Eat to Lose Fat; and, Dr. Oz Reveals the Miracle Oil that Will Melt Belly Fat Away and Slow Down Aging.

Reference: “Effect of a high-fat Mediterranean diet on bodyweight and waist circumference: a prespecified secondary outcomes analysis of the PREDIMED randomised controlled trialThe Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, 6 June 2016; Estruch, Ramon et al.

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