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Become Younger this New Year with an Anti-Aging Vegetable Extract

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Begin the New Year by becoming physiologically younger - rather than older- with a new anti-aging vegetable extract from artichoke touted on The Dr. Oz Show.

“Now, an ancient secret is an anti-aging superstar. If you want to reverse damage done to so many of your organs, well this is for you—it’s called “artichoke extract,” says Dr. Oz who introduces special guest Nutritionist Heidi Skolnik, MS, CDN as she reveals to viewers how this wonder vegetable extract can help lower your cholesterol, protect your liver and improve your digestive disorders.

Ms. Skolnik has been studying natural anti-aging remedies for the past 25 years and says that although artichoke extract has been around for quite a while, it is just now getting some well-deserved attention from the medical community.

“It’s been around forever, but it is now receiving some current medical attention and scientific attention and we are learning more and more about what it does in the body. We are discovering other compounds―these phytonutrients―that are in the artichoke, isolating them, and identifying other things they do for other health systems in the body,” says Ms. Skolnik.

According to Dr. Oz, Ms. Skolnik believes that research is showing that artichoke extract affects three health issues in the body: the lowering of cholesterol, protection of the liver, and improving digestive disorders.

Artichoke Extract for Lowering Cholesterol

“Much like other cholesterol lowering medications, it [artichoke extract] plays a role in reducing total cholesterol production, and reducing the antioxidants and the LDL oxidation that does so much of the damage,” says Ms. Skolnik. However, she points out that the artichoke extract is not a magic pill, and that users will still have to exercise regularly and watch their diet by eating healthy.

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Ms. Skolnik recommends taking 325 mg of artichoke extract in a tablet form every day, but not for longer than 23 consecutive months according to some studies findings.

Artichoke Extract for Protecting the Liver

According to Ms. Skolnik, artichoke extract is a great, natural way to cleanse your body by supporting the liver. She explains that it’s the liver’s job to cleanse toxins from the blood and eliminate the toxin byproducts. However, the liver can become damaged from the toxins it is eliminating and is in need of some help. Dr. Oz tells viewers that one of the great things about the liver is that it can regenerate itself and that that artichoke extract actually offers some protection to the liver so that it stays healthier while doing its job.

Ms. Skolnik tells viewers that for protecting the liver, artichoke extract can be taken as a tincture in a dose of 6 milliliters, 3 times a day added to your oatmeal, your yogurt, or your glass of orange juice.

Artichoke Extract for Improving Digestive Disorders

“Gut health―we are now hearing all about it. It’s like the vitamin D of two years ago. We are hearing more and more about how important our gut is for our overall wellbeing. It’s the first line of defense for our immunity and so many other different things,” says Ms. Skolnik who explains that artichoke extract contains compounds that work as a probiotic for keeping the gut healthy.

Her recommendation is to take artichoke extract in a tea form that is available in health food stores and can be taken once a day as a healthy, relaxing and tasty beverage.

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Reference: The Dr. Oz Show