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Avoid Toxic Travel with These 3 Holiday Travel Tips from Dr. Oz

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Toxic Travel

Staying healthy during the holidays can be a real challenge—especially during travel when you are exposed to a countless number of fellow travelers, of which some are not so healthy. To help you stay healthy for the holidays, Dr. Oz offers 3 holiday travel tips for avoiding toxic travel.

“Holiday travel could be good for your spirits, but it can also take a toll on your body,” says Dr. Oz. “Today we are going to take a trip together to show you how to detox your travel so that you can stay healthy for the holidays.”

Toxic Travel Health Tip #1: Give Yourself Some Air While In the Air

Sitting in an enclosed environment where you are surrounded by other travelers who are sniffling, hacking and coughing is one sure way to ruin your holiday travel. One way to lessen your chances of catching something other than your flight is to direct the overhead air vent to blow directly on your chest while sitting in an airplane.

“It will redirect the droplets of stuff coming at you so that they don’t land on you,” says Dr. Oz who warns viewers that like you, cold and flu viruses are airborne travelers.

Toxic Travel Health Tip #2: Sanitize Your Hotel Room Hot Zones

“The next toxic zone on your travel trip is your hotel…that’s where you will encounter this terrible problem―traveler’s diarrhea,” says Dr. Oz who points out that to avoid getting traveler’s diarrhea you need to disinfect 3 areas in your hotel room before settling in for the night:

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• The TV remote control
• The hotel room phone
• The light fixture switches

“These are the places where room cleaning services do not clean very often and where everyone is always touching…my solution is sanitizing wipes. Before you turn on a light, give it a swipe with a wipe,” says Dr. Oz who recommends carrying a packet of alcohol-based sanitizing wipes with you during travel so that you can wipe down and disinfect toxic hot zones in your hotel room that may be harboring infectious germs.

If you run out of sanitizing wipes, a small bottle of hydrogen peroxide to fight germs has many uses during travel.

And, if you travel with a pet or have a visiting relative who brings their precious pooch with them, you will likely want to sanitize your pet’s paws as well according to recent research that has shown that dirty dogs can fill your home with bacteria.

Toxic Travel Health Tip #3: Boost Your Immune System

“Build your immunity for the travel season before you even leave the house,” says Dr. Oz who recommends that you begin your holiday travel by drinking Black tea 2-3 weeks before traveling to give your immune system a boost. “It produces 2-3 times more of those immune boosting proteins in your body,” says Dr. Oz who recommends drinking 3 cups of Black tea per day ahead of time to prime your immune system against toxic travel during the holidays.

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Reference: The Dr. Oz Show