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Avoid the Dangers of Diet Fad Cleanses with This Almost-Vegan Natural Body Cleanse

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Are you looking for a safe and natural way to cleanse your body of fat-causing toxins? According to CBS News, you may want to try this new 14-day almost-vegan natural body cleanse that helps your body do the work it’s supposed to do.


Cleanses are a popular—but not always successful—way to beat bloat and give your body that jump-start it needs before beginning a weight loss dieting program. However, choosing the right cleanse treatment can be daunting and may lead to some not only very unpleasant side effects, but symptoms that could be dangerous to your health as well due to electrolyte imbalances that can trigger a heart arrhythmia.

According to a recent CBS This Morning episode, you may want to take the advice of a health expert who tells viewers that nobody really needs a cleanse.

The only cleanse we need is the one with which we were born,” says Samantha Heller, a registered dietician, exercise physiologist and author of the book “The Only Cleanse: a 14-day natural detox plan to jump start a lifetime of health.” Ms. Heller explains that your body organs such as your liver, kidneys, lungs, skin and digestive tract are already on the job of detoxifying your body 24/7.

She tells viewers that her re-definition of cleansing is to do the right things to help support your body’s organs during the detoxification process.

“Juices, colonics and enemas, they don’t cleanse the system,” says Ms. Heller who recommends that instead of fad cleanse diets, people should follow her 14-day cleanse that with the exception of honey and yogurt is purely Vegan and therefore natural.

The foods she recommends during her 2-week cleanse include:

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• Fruits
• Veggies
• Whole grains
• Legumes
• Nuts and seeds
• Plain yogurt
• Unsaturated oils
• Tea

Foods that should be avoided include:

• Meat, poultry and fish
• Dairy & eggs
• Deep fried anything
• Artificial sweeteners
• Coffee
• Alcohol
• Desserts
• Energy bars and shakes

“What I’ve taken out are the things that are very chemically,” says Ms. Heller who points out that many of those foods are chemically designed to make us crave more of them and therefore 2 weeks are needed to help wean your body away from this food-chemical dependency.

The plus from her book―”The Only Cleanse”—is that it provides the reader with step-by-step advice on how to eat for two weeks using the aforementioned foods in conjunction with her recipes for making those cleansing meals enjoyable.

For more about natural type of cleanses, here is a similar one about 600 women tested on a 10-day detox diet and what they discovered.

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