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Australia Just Posts Dangerous Weight Loss Pills Warning

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Supplements listed as potentially harmful

Did you know that many diet pills are not available in Australia? There’s a good reason for that as Australian health officials just posted some of the more recent dangerous weight loss pills you need to watch out for.


Many diet pills and other supplement types are banned from Australia due to growing concerns about hospital reports that patients are becoming critically ill and close to dying from taking unregulated dietary supplements.

According to a recent Australian news report, last February, WA man Matthew Whitby, 27, nearly died and needed a liver transplant after drinking a pre-workout protein shake and a weight-loss supplement he purchased online from a Melbourne-based store.

In addition, just as recent as one week ago, a UK teen suffered a torn stomach lining and chronic vomiting after taking herbal diet pills. Taylor Hannah, 19, took green tea extract and fat metabolizes for six months until she was rushed to hospital because of severe dehydration.

Many of these supplements come in the forms of weight loss pills and sexual enhancement meds that contain lethal doses of steroids, pharmaceutical meds, and a variety of ingredients banned in several countries.

Some of the more commonly detected banned substances in weight loss pills include Phenolphthalein and Sibutramine.

Phenolphthalein was used in laxatives in the 80s — hence its popularity in weight loss products—but was taken off the market in the 90s due to concern it could cause cancer.

Sibutramine is commonly used as an appetite suppressant for weight loss. Sibutramine (brand name Meridia) and desmethylsibutramine (an analogue of Sibutramine) work by affecting the area in your brain that controls hunger and thereby provides a sense of fullness and satisfaction.

In sex supplements for men, many contain the ingredients found in legal and safe prescription erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra, Levitra and Cialis, but in excessively high doses. In one case FDA agents in the U.S. discovered a sex supplement for sale that contained 31 times the prescription dose of tadalafil (the active ingredient in Cialis), in combination with dapoxetine, an antidepressant that is not approved by FDA.

“People are putting their lives at risk, and the people who sell these things are engaging in the reckless promotion of an unsafe product,” states Tim Logan, the acting president of the Pharmaceutical Guild of Australia. “There’s all sorts of dangers with these drugs and there are good reasons why they’re not listed in Australia.”

Many of the supplements no longer allowed in Australia are absent due to government action to protect the public via the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

The TGA is nearly-equivalent to the U.S.’s FDA where drugs and substances are regulated and have to go through a rigorous approval process before any drug is considered to be safe to consume in the recommended dose.

The news report states that the TGA has issued multiple warnings this year about several different types of pills, most of which contain three unapproved, “dangerous” substances such as the aforementioned phenolphthalein and sildenafil, which are prescription-only ingredients in Australia.

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Banned Supplements to Watch For

According to the news report, here are the specific medications recently identified as potentially harmful called out by the TGA:

• Ranzhishou slimming capsules

• U Slimming and U Plus Slimming tablets

• Leisure Slimming capsules

• U.S. Black Gold tablets

• MMC Zang Ba Bao

• Super Bull 6000 Herbal tablets

• Vigorexx tablets

“The TGA advises consumers not to order medicines, including dietary supplements and herbal preparations, over the internet unless you know exactly what is in the preparation and have checked the legal requirements for importation and use in Australia,” stated a spokesman for the TGA to news.com.au.

For more about dangerous supplements here in the U.S., here is a Long List of Sex Supplements recently recalled due to illegal ingredients.

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WHAT THE HELL, do people actually fall for these pills? I didn't know there were so many stupid people in this world that believe this crap. There is NO magical cure to lose weight, only hard work, and more hard work. When I lost weight I found it hard, however with the help of this, It was a lot easier
Try getting hiv and taking hiv pills that put on abdominal fat that is very stubborn to move even with srltruct diet and lots of exercise before you call people stupid!!!! Illness and some medications put 10-20% weight gain around the gut and you have to battle to lose it constantly. I walk 10-12 kilometres a day and have a very good healthy fresh food diet but nothing works triumeq causes weight gain and muscle pain, so don't judge others by calling them stupid!!!!!☹️☹️☹️