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Are You Weight Loss Resistant? There Are Fixes for That

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Tips for overcoming your weight loss resistance

Here’s some advice from one dietician on fixes that you can try if you are weight loss resistant.


According to a recent news story, weight loss resistance is a real thing. Research has shown that―at least for some dieters―cutting calories at the dinner table actually induces the body to burn fewer calories in an attempt to conserve resources under times of stress such as nutrient deprivation or starvation.

The good news is that you may be able to fight back against the body’s lowering of its metabolism by changing the type of diet you are on to a different diet, and by eating the right kind of fermented foods.

Here’s a news video release of fixes for weight loss resistance:

Key Points to Fighting Weight Loss Resistance

First, ask a professional to look at what you eat to determine if your problem isn’t more about overeating rather than under-burning those calories.

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Second, try either a low fat or low carb diet to see if either one makes a difference towards your body’s ability to lose weight. Research shows that weight loss may be an individualized thing where some people benefit from low-carb over low-fat, whereas with other dieters it’s the other way around.

Third, improve your probiotic health. Research has also shown that obese people tend to have a less diverse population of gut bacteria than thinner people, which could explain why some people are weight loss resistance due to not having the right kind of gut bacteria.

Dietician Nancy Dell recommends altering the probiotics in your gut by eating fiber-rich plant foods and fermented foods that have healthy probiotics such as low sugar yogurt and kefir as well as raw fermented vegetables like kimchi, sauerkraut and pickles―but only the ones that are refrigerated, as the non-refrigerated foods are not actually fermented, but pickled in vinegar instead.

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