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Are You Taking Any One of These 12 Potentially Dangerous Weight Loss Supplements?

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dangerous weight loss supplements

A recent study showed that of 14 weight loss supplements tested, 12 contain a potentially harmful compound that scientists recommend be banned immediately. Are you taking any one of these 12 weight loss supplements?


In a recent broadcast of CBS This Morning, researchers report in a new study published in the journal Drug Testing and Analysis, that of 14 weight loss, workout and brain enhancement supplements tested that were labeled as containing AMP Citrate, 12 tested positive for containing DMBA—a potentially dangerous synthetic compound closely related to the banned drug DMAA.

"It's similar to amphetamines, which have cardiac and neuropsychiatric effects, and it is a cousin to a stimulant called DMAA that was pulled from the market in 2012 for having 86 adverse events recorded that include heart attack, stroke, seizure and death," stated CBS News medical contributor Dr. Tara Narula, a cardiologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

Despite claims by some makers of these supplements that the compound is derived from an herbal tea plant, the researchers found that there is no evidence supporting these claims and that it appears as if the DMBA used in the supplements is actually a chemically modified form of DMAA—a practice that is legal and not subject to recall until reports of harm emerge after the product has gone on market.

"Supplements are not classified like prescription medications are. We don't have to prove safety and efficacy before they come to the market,” states Dr. Narula. "It's like a monster with 10 heads...you slay one, and just as quickly as you do that, the manufacturers make a new synthetic ingredient that they're putting in a supplement."

The researchers found that the supplements testing positive for DMBA contain DMBA in dosages ranging from 13 to 120mg. However, the recommended doses appear to be arbitrary.

According to the study, the tested supplements containing DMBA were marketed by its makers as designed to improve athletic performance, increase weight loss and enhance brain function. However, the researchers point out that there is no evidence of either its efficacy or safety, and recommend that DMBA from all dietary supplements be banned immediately by the FDA—a request that could take months to years before being acted upon.

A list of the 12 weight loss supplements tested positive for DMBA is provided below:

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• Contraband
• Redline White Heat
• Evol
• MD2 Meltdown
• OxyphenXR AMP’D
• OxyTHERM AMP Citrate
• Oxyfit Xtreme
• Synetherm
• AMPitropin
• Decimate Amplified
• AMPilean
• Frenzy

Two supplements found not to contain DMBA that were tested in the study are “Preamp by Hybrid DSEO, LLC” and “AMP Citrate by Genomyx LLC.”

For a look at the complete study, a copy of report is available free online.

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Reference: CBS This Morning