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Anti-Aging Tricks for Younger Looking Eyebrows

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Wrinkles around the eyes are a dead giveaway about your age, necessitating an entire industry devoted to anti-aging tricks for eye wrinkles. However, significantly less attention is given just an inch higher to those aging eyebrows with coarse gray hairs that pepper through your natural color. To help readers ward off the signs of aging eyes, writer Deanna Pai in the June 2014 issue of More magazine offers the following anti-aging tricks for younger looking eyebrows.

The problem with aging eyebrows is the appearance of wild, unruly hairs that not only come out gray, but also grow coarser and longer than the other hairs of your eyebrow. These hairs not only fade out your natural color, but also disrupts the symmetry of your eyebrow arch. And, when the number of those gray hairs begins to outnumber your younger hairs, applying traditional brow powder will no longer effectively hide this problem.

According to More magazine, the first thing you should do is stay away from those tweezers! Plucking those gray hairs out of your eyebrows will most likely leave you with just-as-noticeable bald spots.

For Women with a Silver Head of Hair

According to Ms. Pai, advice from brow experts is that if you are at the stage where you’ve decided to let your hair go silver, then it is okay to embrace the gray and concentrate on deepening the color of your brows to a uniform hue that is a shade deeper than your head hair. To accomplish this, a graphite tint applied to the eyebrows by a salon or brow boutique every 3-4 weeks is recommended.

Furthermore, older eyes tend to have smaller, fuzzy gray hairs around the brows that require waxing rather than tweezing for thorough removal. The benefit of this is that it opens up the area around the eyes for a younger look.

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Another option that is growing in popularity is using lasers for hair removal at home.

For Women who Still Have Some Color

If you have not totally gone to gray just yet with your hair color, then you can touch up those stray grays with a marker-style brow color pen such as the TouchBack BrowMarker that can be found at touchbackbrow.com. This essentially is a dye job on the single hair scale where a wet dye from the pen tip coats the gray hair(s) and dries to a water-resistant finish.

And, just like there are gels for an unruly head of hair, there are also brow gels such as the Jane Iredale PureBrow Gel that will tame those wild stray brow hairs that threaten to give you an Andy Rooney look.

For more about achieving a younger-looking brow, checkout the June 2014 issue of More magazine or their website at more.com, for additional anti-aging brow tips and tricks.

For additional beauty skin tips for younger looking eyes, here are some inexpensive anti-aging products and advice discussed on The Dr. Oz Show.

Image Source: Courtesy of More.com

Reference: More June 2014 issue