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Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention You Must Start Right Now

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Tips on how to prevent Alzheimer's

Do you believe that Alzheimer’s disease is inevitable? Think again, as neurologists are discovering that by following their recommended Alzheimer’s disease prevention tips, that you can greatly reduce the odds of suffering from this disease.


According to a recent Reuters’ Health Watch video, health experts on Alzheimer’s disease are advising the public that Alzheimer’s may actually be preventable―if you take the proper preventive measures while still relatively young.

“Alzheimer’s absolutely starts in the brain decades before the first symptom of memory loss, and that leaves ample time to make brain healthy choices and to see a doctor to start the conversation about Alzheimer’s prevention,” says Dr. Richard Isaacson Director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell.

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Alzheimer’s Prevention Tips

Tip #1: Get educated and get involved by becoming proactive with your health and discovering what you can do to avoid Alzheimer’s. Learn how to exercise, eat right and see your doctor on a regular basis.

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Tip #2: Focus on the type of exercises that raises your heart rate such as on an elliptical machine or treadmill, or with interval training. By improving your metabolic health through exercise, you will in turn improve your brain health.

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Tip #3: Eat brain-healthy foods that are research-supported. Examples include olive oil, salmon, trout, strawberries, blueberries, avocadoes and leafy greens, which are often found in a Mediterranean diet.

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Tip #4: Plenty of sleep is essential detoxing time for the brain. “It’s kind of like taking the trash out. If you are not getting adequate sleep, then the body is unable to get rid of the bad protein in the brain,” says Dr. Isaacson.

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Tip #5: Get your healthy omega-3 fatty acids from fatty fish such as lake trout, mackerel, herring, wild salmon, sardines and albacore tuna.

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The key message from Dr. Isaacson is that making incremental changes now can make a big difference in your future health. He foresees that in the next decade or so, Alzheimer’s will become a totally different disease than what it is today with ongoing research, diagnostic tools, and health education. But for now, hedge your odds in your favor by doing all the right things recommended by Alzheimer’s experts and be aware of any changes in your mental health.

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For some information about taking supplements for Alzheimer’s prevention, here is a warning from Dr. Oz about a popular Memory Loss Supplement Cancer Risk.

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