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Advice from a Coach on Finding Love and Losing Weight Today

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Finding love and losing weight

Are you in a rut and unable to reach your health goals? Are you alone and in need of someone to love and love you back? Then you are not alone as one coach provides advice to women on how to get out of your rut and learn how to find love and lose weight starting today.

“What health goals do you want to reach? Have you been trying to lose 20 pounds for the past 20 years? Been trying to quit smoking or finally committing to the gym? Well if you are stuck and just feel like that you cannot reach your health goal, I’ve got a solution for you today,” says Dr. Oz as he reveals his secret weapon—a special guest who specializes in helping women reach their goals.

With Dr. Oz is Life Coach Lauren Zander who tells women that a lack of focus on the real causes behind their ruts is what is preventing many women from ever reaching their goals—because they are in truth, unhappy with their lives.

“I usually find that they are not focusing on the right thing,” says Ms. Zander. “Like there’s some deeper issue that is going on and they don’t even think of that as the reason.They’re compensating. The health issue is something that they are doing on purpose, and they are not focusing on what they are really unhappy about, which is—their marriage, their career. And so the food, the drink or the cigarette is kind of what is making them happy. Even though it’s making them miserable,” says Ms. Zander.

She explains that because we live in our bodies that when we look into a mirror, we acknowledge how we feel about ourselves and how we feel about how we are living. That in turn translates into what you are going to do that day and how you are going to talk to yourself—what you think of yourself and what you think of everybody else. This then leads directly to your health because it determines what foods you are going to put into your mouth as you compensate for these feelings.

Dr. Oz explains that when it comes to understanding why you fail at your goals that it is time to put yourself into a “truth tube” and begin to seriously take a hard look at what you want, what you try to do about it, and then the real reason why what you tried didn’t work. In other words, get past the excuses to the real inner reasons of why you fail.

As an example of how truth can be hidden, Dr. Oz introduces a guest who says that she has been trying to lose 50 pounds for the past 10 years so that she can feel confident again about herself and start dating again, which she has not done for the past 10 years because of the way she looks.

Dr. Zander listens to what the guest has to say about her attempts to lose weight and how she recognizes the consequences of her failures, but tells the guest that even though she talks about food and how much she loves it, what she is hearing is that finding intimacy is her real inner problem. What is the real reason why she has not dated in the past 10 years?!

“What I am looking for is where is it that you got a broken heart?” asks Ms. Zander. “The thing I really hear is that you have not been in love in 10 years.”

As the guest turns evasive in revealing what has happened in her love life 10 years ago, Ms. Zander points out that this is what is turning the guest toward food instead of toward love. The guest says that she wants to find someone to love, but Ms. Zander sees that the reality is that what she does is put her love into food to avoid love with a person.

“The battle you really need to fight is the one in your mind,” says Ms. Zander. “There’s inner peace that you are going to need to fight for.”

A big part of the problem women have explains Ms. Zander is that we have inner dialogues that go on inside our heads that leads us astray in how we perceive ourselves and our problems. In other words, we find it so easy to make excuses for this and that, and then wind up believing in them—causing us to fail at our goals.

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To achieve goals, Ms. Zander says that anything is possible and that it can occur right now if you really want to and are willing to follow through.

“You actually have to stop doing certain things and start doing something else. And how you think in your mind—like how you talk to yourself—is critical to making those changes,” says Ms. Zander.

To help women go from failure to success, whether it’s to find love or lose weight…or both…Ms. Zander offers as advice these following 3 steps to get you out of your rut and back on track toward true success:

Step #1: Pinpoint the reason why you turn to that vice

“It’s really what you are brokenhearted about,” says Ms. Zander. To pinpoint that, she tells viewers to pretend that God is coming down from heaven to grant you one wish—what would that wish be?

“What are you most wishing for?” asks Ms. Zander. “What are you most wanting in life?

Step #2: Make one small change for 14 days

“You want to create a goal you can keep. Anyone can do anything for 14 days,” says Ms. Zander as she advises viewers to make it something tangible to make it feel real to them. “You are literally coming up with a promise for 14 days that you feel that you are responsible for that will make you feel good if you do it.”

Ms. Zander explains further that the 14-day requirement is a contract that you might have to start over, time and time again, to meet that goal, but it is an important one because it helps you build the muscle that has you believing in yourself again and in what you can accomplish.

Step #3: Tell 3 people about your goal every day

“The more you tell people what you are up to, the more they can root for you. It also inspires other people to get onboard with you…so you start talking about it and then you also have a sense of obligation. The more people you tell about it, the more you put yourself out in the world that you mean what you just said,” says Ms. Zander.

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