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AARP Reveals the 5 Secrets to Maintaining Weight Loss

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Losing weight is one thing, but keeping it off is another. Here are 5 secret habits to maintaining weight loss recently reported by AARP for its readers.


According to a recent AARP Bulletin Today posting by writer Candy Sagon, research has shown that finding simple strategies for losing weight is the most effective route toward weight loss success. These simple strategies involve adopting small changes referred to as “baby steps” to your daily habits that eventually lead to significant lifestyle changes without feeling the pinch of effort. For example:

• Increasing your level of physical exercise by beginning with a 10-minute-long daily walk that eventually will turn into 30 minutes of activity each day.

• Switching out sugary drinks with healthier, less calorie-laden beverages.

• Eating 500 calories less per day.

• Making it a habit to weigh yourself and chart your weight every day.

However, once that weight is lost, the sad fact is that you are more likely to regain it than keep it off—especially over the long term. The good news though is that a large number of dieters have found ways to keep those pounds off—forever!

According to a study that gleaned weight loss and maintenance data from the National Weight Control Registry consisting of more than 10,000 registered men and women who met the criteria of having lost at least 30 pounds and keeping it off for over a year afterward, 5 secret habits were uncovered that all shared that resulted in their keeping those lost pounds off.

The following is a listing of those secret habits that you too can apply towards your current weight loss and weight maintenance efforts:

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Secret Habit #1: They eat breakfast―Nearly 80 percent eat breakfast daily; less than five percent skipped it. Eating breakfast, some studies show, can help reduce hunger throughout the day, keeping people from overeating at other meals.

Secret Habit #2: They weigh themselves regularly―More than 44 percent report weighing themselves daily, while 31 percent weighed themselves weekly. Regular weigh-ins are also supported by a new two-year Cornell University study that found that people who weighed themselves daily lost weight and kept it off — contrary to what has been the traditional advice not to step on the scale every day.

Secret Habit #3: They stay active―Ninety percent report they exercise an hour a day and for 94 percent that means brisk walking.

Secret Habit #4: They limit television―Some 62 percent say they watch less than 10 hours of television a week.

Secret Habit #5: They are careful about what they eat―Nearly all (98 percent) say they have modified what they eat, following a reduced-calorie, reduced-fat diet even after they lost weight. They are also careful about not splurging on the weekends, reporting they consistently eat the same amount throughout the week.

Of the 5 secret habits revealed, dieters should take notice that walking appears to be the preferred exercise type and the one paralleling successful weight loss.

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