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7 Adult Vaccines You Need to Stay Healthy and Alive

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Immunizations are not just for kids. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, immunizations rank among the top 10 public health achievements of the 20th century; however, adult immunizations have not reached the level of success of childhood immunizations. This fact—according to Consumer Reports on Health—results in approximately 50,000 men and women in the U.S. dying from vaccine-preventable diseases each year.

In an earlier study published in The American Journal of Medicine, research shows that the primary reasons why many adults do not get vaccinated when older include:

• Lack of physician recommendations
• Mistaken assumptions that healthy people do not need vaccinations
• Fear of needles
• Lack of insurance coverage
• Lack of an effective reminder system to alert patients who need a vaccination

The following is a summary of a special report titled “Adult vaccines: Are you up to date?” by the editors of Consumer Reports on Health about what adult vaccines you need today to stay not only healthy—but alive.

Adult Vaccine #1: Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is an acute viral liver disease typically spread by the fecal-oral route. According to the special report, adults needing a Hepatitis A vaccine include:

• Any adult seeking protection against Hepatitis A.

• Adults at high risk including homosexual men, adults with liver disease or blood clotting disorders and travelers going abroad excluding travel to Australia, Canada, Western Europe, Japan and New Zealand.

Vaccinations consist of two shots at least six months apart. The Hepatitis A vaccine has an efficacy of 94% to 100%.

Adult Vaccine #2: Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is a viral disease spread by exposure to blood and body fluids as well as sexual contact and prenatal exposure. The seriousness of the infection is that it can result in liver failure, cirrhosis, cancer and death.

According to the special report, adults needing a Hepatitis B vaccine include:

• Any adult seeking protection against Hepatitis B

• Sexually active adults not in a stable, monogamous relationship

• Homosexual men

• Adults with diabetes who have risk factors including kidney disease, predialysis, hemodialysis and home dialysis

• Health care workers

• Individuals with a sexually transmitted disease

Vaccination involves 3 shots over six months with 2 doses separated by no less than 4 weeks, and the third dose 4 to 6 months after the 2nd dose. The vaccination is 80% to 100% effective in those who receive all 3 doses.

Adult Vaccine #3: Human papillomavirus (HPV)

Human papillomavirus is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the U.S. with approximately 6.2 million new infections each year. Human papillomavirus can result in cervical, genital, oral and pharyngeal cancer.

According to the special report, adults needing a HPV vaccine include:

• Women ages 19 to 26

• Men ages 19-21 and those 22 to 26 who may have a compromised immune system

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Vaccination involves 3 shots with the 2nd and 3rd shot given 2 and 6 months respectively after the first shot. The vaccination is up to 97% effective against HPV-related cancers.

Adult Vaccine #4: Influenza

Each year approximately 36,000 people die from the flu, many of which would survive but for lack of one shot taken in the fall before the cold and flu season arrives.

According to the special report, adults needing a flu vaccine include:

• All adults, especially the elderly and those with medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease, lung disease or kidney disease, women who may become or are pregnant, and caregivers of children and adults in ill health.

Vaccination involves one dose annually in October or November before the flu season begins. The vaccination is 70% to 90% effective in healthy individuals below 65 years old, but reportedly only about 40% effective among older, frail adults.

Adult Vaccine #5: Pneumococcal

Pneumococcal bacterial infections that can lead to pneumonia and meningitis can be lessened significantly with a vaccination.
According to the special report, adults needing a pneumococcal vaccine include:

• Adults 65 and older

• Adults 19 to 64 who have risk factors that include heart, lung, or liver disease, diabetes, cochlear implants, compromised immune systems, asthma, a history of smoking, or are undergoing chemotherapy.

Vaccination involves one dose for the majority of people, and a booster for certain high-risk individuals 5 years following the initial shot. The vaccination is 60% to 70% effective.

Adult Vaccine #6: Tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough (Tdap)

The common misconception is that once you’ve had these shots as a kid, that you do not need them again. “Not true” say many health experts who have seen a recent rise in the number of cases of whooping cough in adults.

According to the special report, adults needing a Tdap vaccine include:

• Adults younger than 65 regardless of when they had their last tetanus/diphtheria booster

• Adults 65 and older who come in contact with infants

Vaccination involves one shot of the Tdap vaccine and a tetanus/diphtheria booster every 10 years. The vaccine has an efficacy of nearly 100% for tetanus and diphtheria, but only about 55% to 65% protection against whooping cough.

Adult Vaccine #7: Varicella/Shingles

The varicella zoster virus can get us when we are young and when we are old. The viral cause of chicken pox, the varicella zoster virus can go dormant and resurface years later in another form as painful shingles.
According to the special report, adults needing a Varicella/Shingles vaccine include:

• Adults who have never had chicken pox or a vaccination against chicken pox

• Adults 60 or older regardless of their history

Vaccination involves two shots separated by at least 4 weeks with an additional shot specific for shingles prevention. The vaccination’s efficacy toward varicella is 70% to 90%.

Consumer Reports on Health
advises consumers to take an active role toward ensuring that your adult vaccinations are up to date by encouraging you to talk to your doctor and discuss your concerns and risks of contracting what can be an easily preventable disease with the correct vaccine.

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Vaccines are nothing more than garbage perpetrated by quacks. The whole idea of vaccines is based on Pasteur's plageurized and twisted idea on his Germ Theory which the Medical field has been running with for 100 years. It's all nonsense and has no basis in fact. The host is the important thing. If you are unhealthy you will get sick, even those with a high immune system can get sick, but chances are it will amount to nothing severe. Say no to vaccines; they are dangerous and do more harm than good.
Vaccines save lives. You must be too young to remember polio. As a nurse I've seen people die unnecessarily from tetanus and it's horrible. Suffering from whooping cough is another example. When I was younger, I almost lost my baby cousin to meningitis - many mothers whose infants survived had brain damage. Now we can prevent this. It's the same with pneumonia. Your thinking is dangerous and you obviously haven't lived long enough to see the ravages of preventable diseases.
Actually at age 63 I have witnessed enough of what vaccines have done to me and three of my children. So, I do know the score on what to avoid and what not to avoid. We are not all cookie cutter people. Vaccines may work for some but not everyone. Personally, I just think it's a bad idea all around. But, to each his own. I would rather take my chances rather than foul myself up any further with something that is just dead wrong, for me.
That' is so different than just saying vaccines are quackery. I'm sorry you have experienced harm - and yes, there are always risks. Thank you for clarifying.
Kathleen, don't for a minute misunderstand me. I still stand on my comment that vaccines are quackery. That is something that will never change in my mind. Vaccines are based on over 100 years of the most incorrect thinking there could possibly be and has done more damage to mankind since Adam and Eve. The germ is nothing the host is everything.
Kathleen, apparently you have somehow missed the now 1 in every 54 boys diagnosed with Autism. Perhaps you have even missed the skyrocketing number of children with ADD/ADHD, bi-polar, asthma, Type I diabetes, Crohn's, arthritis, life-threatening allergies, and skyrocketing rates of cancer. Now we are seeing the ravages of life-shortening, life-long disability that simply never existed before in these devastating numbers. And you have every reason to resist, because as a nurse you have played a part in the poisoning of thousands of children. We have the sickest generation of children in the history of the world and all of you want us to continue with your plan. Hey, it's not working! We don't have healthy children. As a child, everyone I knew had wild measles, chicken pox, mumps, rubella, and I never knew one single case of a bad outcome. I also never knew of another child with asthma, Autism, diabetes or cancer, etc. In fact in my tiny town there was only one child in special ed for nearly 20 years. Yet now, in our same town our special ed classrooms are overflowing with brain-damaged children, entire Autism classrooms plus the other special ed children. 75% of every class have a diagnosable life-long condition which means lots and lots of drugs. Ana Kits, inhalers, insulin, and lots and lots of Ritalin, Risperidol, and many more anti-psychotics and neuroleptics. There are children with Type I diabetes, and even a few with immune system diseases never heard of before in children, like MS. And, too many dying of cancer. It is hard to find a few children in each classroom without lifelong prescription drugs at the school. When I see comments like yours I always ask myself, "what in Gods name are you defending"? It most certainly cannot be the health of our children. It is attitudes like yours that are dangerous. Refusing to ask what has changed to make our children so ill. Hundreds of thousands of parents have cried out the warning, only to be marginalized, called baby-killers, and tin-foil hat weirdos for simply telling the story of what happened to their own child. Do you really think someone anti-vaccine would have allowed you to plunge 7 needles into my child's legs in a single day. The truth has made me anti-vaccine, the eye-witness account of my child reacting to that vaccine and being told the permanent damage left would be called "Autism". Somehow we thought people would want to hear it, want to stop the devastation. But instead, we hear only 'protect the vaccine program', no matter how crazy it might get, no matter how many children might be damaged in the process. Every doctor and teacher I meet says "holy crap, something is very very wrong" we have never seen anything like this and were never warned this was coming. But all we get is the same denials and same inaction. That is why you are losing the battle. More and more parents are opting out as they see your disinterest and denial of the problems that they too have witnessed in children around them. The gig is up. The secret meetings, altered studies, outright lies to the public, midnight congressional ryders, destruction of the epidemiological databases so there can be no peer review, denials of clear cut vaccine damage court cases, all to protect the program, have showed all that their children are expendable to protect the program. Any new or expecting parent today I can assure you that the Measles is the least of their worries. No one can tell them how not to have a child diagnosed with Autism, and they have seen what that means. You keep trying to scare them with horror stories of whooping cough and polio, but I can tell you what their real fears are, they would take their chances with those anyday, just leave their child's brain intact, don't let them have autism, don't let them have to be cared for 24/7 for the rest of their life. There are at least 150 people that witnessed what happened to my perfectly healthy child and the aftermath of denials, and lack of care and concern, and even more that they will influence and none of them are vaccinating. They now see despite what happened there is nothing for my child, no services, no care, no medical treatment as no doctor wants to stick his neck out and be Wakefielded, so they admit the vaccine damage behind closed doors, and refuse to treat the co-morbid conditions of gut issues and immune system damage out of fear of losing their job or reputation Again, the program takes precedence over our children. This is why you are losing, and the whole house is now crumbling down. The first poster was correct, we have both lived long enough to see when these disorders were unheard of and now we are drowning under the weight of this devastating epidemic. You only have to some day come to grips with the fact that you took other people's word on this instead of investiagating for yourself. You will have to live with the fact you participated in the poisoning of children, but unlike me, you will not have to live with the fact you did this to your own child. You can always fall back on the Nazi argument "I was just following orders" but your conscious is another thing entirely. You had to know this was bound to happen when they actually defended the indefensible, the injection of Mercury, a known neurotoxin, second most toxic element on earth, into our tiny babies. I knew then what would happen, and we are seeing it now! My niece is having her first baby soon, and her biggest fear is not the birth, delivery, possible complications....her biggest fear is how to protect her newborn child from the Hepatitis B vaccine, a vaccine never tested in newborns, and a disease for which her child is at zero risk. That's the one that woke her up and made her realize it's all about the money. Why would anyone risk the life of your 12 hours old child with a vaccine for a disease for which she has no risk. That we give to every baby no matter the complications of birth, no matter the size, weight, or gestational age of every single baby. We do not even know at 12 hours old if our precious new baby has any underlying medical conditions, perhaps a mitochondrial disorder or an allergy to a vaccine ingredient. To give a 12 hour old baby a vaccine is callous disregard and immoral. But most of all it is proof of the intention of those pulling the strings. It's all about the program, the cash flow, the revolving door jobs between the pharmaceutical companies and our federal alphabet agencies, the ghost written medical articles, the pharma funded studies. It is not now, nor has it ever been about the health of our children. It has been proven now, we parents are the only ones that care about that and we will fight to the death to keep that choice ours.
Achsel, ditto. Everyone I knew, had all the childhood diseases with no problems. My father contracted mumps when he was 22 years old and I was 1 year old. I didn't get the mumps at that time nor a few years later when my 3 younger brothers came down with it. I contracted the mumps years later at 16 and it was no big deal. People just don't understand, these diseases are so benign. And, coming out with a vaccine for Chicken Pox has been the worst yet. Talk about the stupidity of greedy people and their buggering of the innocent. Once you realize that it's all a pack of lies, there is no way you can ever go back.
Interesting to note when those of us who now are in our 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s were growing up, we all had Measles, Mumps, Ruebella, Chicken Pox, etc; but no one ever heard of a child with Cancer. Now you rarely hear of children with the above mentioned diseases, but whole hospital wings are devoted to children with Cancer. Something is very decidedly wrong. I ask you, which is better?
Each year approximately 36,000 people die from the flu, many of which would survive but for lack of one shot taken in the fall before the cold and flu season arrives.-----------This is an outright lie. On average less than 12% of flu cases actuallly tested match up to the strains in the vaccine for any given year. To say that every flu case could have been prevented is a very dangerous lie. All studies not tied to the pharmaceutical industry have shown flu shots to be utterly worthless and ineffective. Not very good odds when there is a real risk of adverse reactions and permanent disabiltiy from a flu shot, not to mention tying up your immune system while other potential and more virulent strains of the flu may be heading your way. I'll keep my immune system intact thank you very much.
HPV vaccine. First this is a dangerous message. It does not tell you that during approval studies and follow up monitoring they discovered that if you are already infected with any of the strains of HPV that are in the vaccine, your chances of cancer actually increase by 40% if you get this vaccine. But no one is testing young women to be sure they have not already been infected. Maybe understandable in a 12 year old but not in a 20 year old. This is a one-size-fits-all policy that clearly does not fit all. Plus, there are now over 130 death in the VAERS "Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System" reported following HPV vaccination. They will tell you that none of these have been proven to be linked to the vaccine, but they don't mention that none have been proven that they are NOT linked to the vaccine. If they don't investigate then they don't have to admit if there is a link. I guess to go along with SIDS we now have to believe that Sudden Teenage Death Syndrome is the new reality. VAERS is a public database. You should check it out for yourself the numbers of pelvic problems following HPV vaccination, abnormal pap smears, miscarriages, the very cancers the vaccine was suppose to protect against, severe encephilitis, permanent brain damage, nervous system damage, seizures, fainting, all written off as coincidental.. Also the article says, "The vaccination is up to 97% effective against HPV-related cancers". Even one of the invetors of the vaccine says this is dead wrong. The vaccine is intended to prevent HPV infection, some of which may be linked to some cervical cancers, the vaccine does not prevent cancer. I also just read a fascinating scientific article discussing the fact that some other HPV strains thought to play a part in certain cancers but that were more common in other countries and seldom found in the U.S. are now becoming more prevelant. The theory of this particular article was that these strains were now filling the void left by the absence of the HPV strains found in the vaccine. Oh, you know how nature abhorrs a vacuum. But I am sure the answer will be simply more vaccines or more HPV strains in each vaccine. After all our heavily biased, conflict of interest ridden approval committee of the CDC has never met a vaccine they didn't love. Approved!
The pharmaceutical companies love the fact that they have a lucrative future customer base so keeping people sick mentally and physically is good busiess for them. Take the huge hocus pocus fraud of ADHD drugs. Unlike the majority of other illnesses, there has never been any blood test done to prove if a child has ADHD or not, so what is the psychiatric and pharmaceutical industries basing their diagnosis on? I have heard psychiatrists say to the media that they do not yet know what causes ADHD and that there is no clinical test for it. Yeah Good one guys, lets pump millions of Federal Govt funding into hocus pocus psychiatric diagnosis and pump millions of psychiatric drugs out to kids (and adults) around the world. Someone sure is making a tonne of money on the sideline out of this fraud.
And the vitamin and herbal supplement business profits are in the billions. And in the past two years unvaccinated children have been sickened and caused harm to others. Diseases are returning that were once eradicated. Nice....