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5 Must-Haves You Need from Dr. Oz's Emergency Essentials Kit

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Dr Oz emergency survival kit

"Did you know that over the past 30 years, nearly 27 million Americans have been affected by natural disasters? That’s why it’s imperative to be prepared," advises Dr. Oz as he brings to viewers his 5 must-haves for stocking an emergency survival kit in your home should a natural disaster strike in your area.

According to Dr. Oz, these 5 must-haves are selected for their ability to provide you with energy and the vital nutrients your body needs until help arrives. Listed below is a summary of the 5 emergency essentials that you should have in your home at all times.

Emergency Essential #1: Water purifying tablets

“The first emergency essential you ought to have are water purifying tablets—it’s the perfect solution when safe water is not available,” says Dr. Oz as he explains that the active ingredient in water purification tablets is iodine, which will help kill off contaminating bacteria and viruses .

Emergency Essential #2: Boxed milk

“The next emergency essential you ought to have is a single serving of boxed milk,” says Dr. Oz. He advises viewers to buy the single servings in multi-box packets that you can store away on a shelf without refrigeration. This type of boxed milk is pasteurized at high temperatures and sealed in special containers that removes the need for refrigeration as with conventional cartons of milk. The boxed milk can be stored on a shelf for 7 months, and once a single serving is opened it is safe to drink for 7 days.

Emergency Essential #3: Peanut Butter

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“The next emergency essential—and you guys will all love this—is peanut butter,” says Dr. Oz as he tells viewers that it’s a great source of healthy fats and protein to give you the energy you will need during times of an emergency. Peanut butter can be stored on the shelf for up to two years, and unless the jar’s label says otherwise, peanut butter does not need to be stored cold after opening.

Emergency Essential #4: Canned tuna

“The next emergency essential you ought to have is canned tuna and canned salmon,” says Dr. Oz as he recommends that a good rule of thumb is to have stored away on hand 3 meals worth per day per person for 3 three days. The canned tuna and salmon are great sources of protein and Omega-3s; and best of all, according to Dr. Oz—it can be stored up to 4 years on a pantry shelf.

Emergency Essential #5: Canned lentils

“The last essential you should have for any kind of emergency are canned lentils,” says Dr. Oz. “Each can is packed full of fiber and protein. They make for a great hearty vegetarian meal and they are the perfect ingredient for a lot of different dishes to make.” Another benefit of canned lentils is that they can be stored in the pantry for up to 3 years.

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Image Source: Courtesy of MorgueFile

Reference: the Dr. Oz Show—“Dr. Oz's Emergency Essentials”