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5 Hot Hormone Foods for Women to Fight Belly Fat This Holiday

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Food that fight belly Fat

You can help your body reach hormonal balance and fight belly fat through eating hot hormone foods this holiday season.


Dr. Oz with special guest Dr. Natasha Turner, author of the latest dieting advice about to hit the bookstores - “The Supercharged Hormone Diet” - tells viewers that aside from taking belly fat supplements recommended from Dr. Turner’s supercharged hormone diet plan, that you can help your body reach hormonal balance and fight belly fat through eating hot hormone foods this holiday season.

“I labeled a group of foods as the ‘hot hormone foods’ because I found that they had additional benefits for powering up your fat burning hormones and controlling your appetite and getting rid of toxic hormones like extra estrogen and extra insulin. They are also foods that can aid your digestion and are anti-inflammatory,” says Dr. Turner.

Dr. Turner’s recommended hot hormone foods for burning off belly fat are summarized as follows:

Hot Hormone Food #1: Whey Protein Isolate

“No diet would be complete for optimizing your hormones without the inclusion of protein. But whey protein in particular is the most beneficial because it is the most bioavailable with proven benefits in controlling insulin and in controlling your appetite and cravings,” says Dr. Turner who adds that it is also a good source of tryptophan, which is a building block of the serotonin hormone that is responsible for elevating a good mood.

Dr. Turner’s recommendation is to dissolve 30 grams (approximately a scoop and a half) of whey protein isolate to a smoothie or shake to make it an easy-to-drink protein supplement.

Hot Hormone Food #2: Pomegranate Seeds

“It is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory fruit, but the real hormone punch for pomegranate comes from the ingredient that helps to lower estrogen in the body…it reduces the risk of breast cancer and it’s also really helpful for colon cancer and skin cancer,” says Dr. Turner.

To make eating pomegranate a less messy process, Dr. Tuner recommends that you cut the pomegranate in half in a small bowl of water to help separate the health-benefiting seeds from the flesh of the fruit.

Hot Hormone Food #3: Buckwheat Pasta

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“I love buckwheat because it is the richest source of protein in the starchy carbs and it’s also highest in fiber,” says Dr. Turner.

For those who are carb conscious and avoid everything with the word “wheat” in it, Dr. Oz explains that buckwheat is not actually wheat, but the fruit of a grain-like plant that is related to the rhubarb family of plants. He recommends that buckwheat is a great way to go for a pasta dish for the carb conscious.

Hot Hormone Food #4: Dry Red Wine

“The key, is the type of wine,” says Dr. Turner who explains that drinking dry red wines like a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Petite Syrah are proven to the provide the highest amount of beneficial flavonoids.

“The trick to drinking wine is that you have to have about 2 to 3 cups of it a week―but not all at the same night―and you have it after your meal rather than before, because it aids digestion and helps appetite control,” says Dr. Turner.

Hot Hormone Food #5: Roasted Soy Nuts

Dr. Turner advises viewers to eat a handful of roasted soy nuts a day as a tasty crunchy snack that will suppress your appetite and help fight hormone imbalances that lead to belly fat.

“It [soy] does have research to show that it helps combat age-related weight gain and this is particularly because it is rich in phytoestrogens,” says Dr. Turner who adds that it is great for women approaching menopause who have changing hormones that are leading to cravings and the development of belly fat.

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Reference: The Dr. Oz Show