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5 Diet Foods You Should Never Eat

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Low-fat, low-sugar, low-calorie, low-whatever - that’s the claim made on many diet foods that marketers put on labels that are misleading if not outright lies to make you believe that eating their products will help you lose weight. So here’s the low-down on the low-whatever to help you avoid this diet food trap.


According to the Dr. Oz Show website, Sharon Richter, RD, alerts readers to the fact that many diet foods will actually cause you to pack on the pounds rather than peel them off. The reason why? Sneaky ingredients that make you want to come back for more, when you should be eating less. The following is a summary of 5 examples of diet foods that you should avoid according to Ms. Richter’s top 10 diet foods to avoid.

Diet Food to Avoid #1: Fat-Free Salad Dressing

The trick ingredient here is sugar. Sure, the dressing may be fat-free, but in its place to keep customers coming back for more is added sugar for special flavoring to make your brain forget about the missing fat. Dietician Sharon Richter advises dieters to skip the fat-free dressings and opt for regular salad dressings―but only a few tablespoons―instead of dousing your greens in the fat-free kind.

However, if still want to go for a fat-free dressing, you can make your own truly low-fat salad dressing by following Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s advice of blending nuts and seeds like cashews and sesame seeds in place of oil with this healthy salad dressing recipe.

Diet Food to Avoid #2: Reduced-Fat Peanut Butter

Reduced -fat peanut butter means eating hydrogenated oils, corn syrup and chemical fillers in place of the healthy fats that come naturally from regular peanut butter. Forget about this diet food fake, and go with what Mom made for you when you were a kid.

An added bonus to peanut butter that it is one food recommended to help prevent premature hair loss in women.

Diet Food to Avoid #3: Smoothies and Juices

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The majority of the time, that fruit juice or smoothie you buy at the store is loaded with sugar and calories. Furthermore, it also will lack the fiber that would actually slow down sugar absorption. Ms. Richter’s advice is to stick to fresh-squeezed juices, or go with smoothies that you can make at home where you will have control over the ingredients you're blending and putting inside your body.

Looking for a healthy smoothie recipe or two? Try these Dr. Oz recommended smoothies for weight loss that taste great and will help you feel great. A favorite is this morning mocha smoothie you should switch to for weight loss rather than going with that mocha Frappuccino.

Diet Food to Avoid #4: Wraps

Be wary of spinach and whole-wheat wraps warns Ms. Richter. That green color in your wrap is more likely than not dye rather than spinach, and whole-wheat rarely means it's 100% whole wheat. According to Ms. Richter, wraps without anything in them can range from 100 to 400 calories, which is more than the calorie count of two slices of bread (120 calories each).

One Oz-related advice is to try lettuce wraps in place of bread wraps for a healthier, easy to make meal.

Diet Food to Avoid #5: Granola Bars

Granola bars are filling. But do you know why? It’s usually because they are loaded with sugar and hydrogenated oils making them calorie dense and therefore not a true diet food.

One option is to make your own healthy granola bars like this recipe Ms. Richter recommends; or, try this granola-like sundae instead made out of Greek yogurt, walnuts, a chopped banana and maybe a few dark-chocolate chips.

Reference: The Dr. Oz Show website― “The Top 10 Diet Foods to Avoid

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Omitting dairy products from the diet will help you lose weight. A study by Amy Joy Lanou of the University of North Carolina and Neal Barnard of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine found that dairy products are a major contributor to dietary acidosis which leads to obesity. The major acids from dairy products that contribute to obesity are casein and lactose. You cannot lose weight if your are drinking or eating dairy products, including milk, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt and ice cream. They are too acidic and will cause the body to hold on to fat to protect the organs that sustain life.