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3 Shoe Recommendations by Dr. Oz for Health and Fashion That Rock

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On Tuesday’s episode of the Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz put some more fun into his show with clips of him dressed in drag and working at a shoe store as he investigates whether comfort trumps fashion or if women are more willing to suffer for style. The results of his investigation? Heels rule―and the higher the better for many women.

Unfortunately as most women know from experience, wearing heels comes at a cost of pain. But what fewer realize is that pain is a symptom of underlying foot health conditions that can become crippling.

Dr. Oz explains that when you stand barefooted that your Achilles tendons are stretched out as they normally should be, that the muscles of the bottom of the foot are allowed to arch, and the body above is held in its natural neutral posture. However, when you wear heels, all of these points become distorted and your posture changes.

“When you wear high heeled shoes you actually shorten all of these muscles―especially the Achilles tendon and the muscle behind the calf. And so they now can no longer stretch the way they are supposed to. What that unfortunately does, is cause problems up in your spine,” says Dr. Oz. as he explains that what starts at your feet can affect your entire body.

Dr. Oz shows viewers that health problems from wearing high heels cascade as the toes themselves begin to bend when they pushed down leading to bunions and calluses on the foot. Furthermore, standing for a long time in high heels will also cause you to arch your knees and your back putting your entire body out of its natural alignment and result in severe back pain.

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Fortunately, these problems can be avoided by choosing the right kind of shoes. To help women have healthy feet, Dr. Oz offers his top 3 shoe recommendations for women who wear heels, wedges or flats that will allow them to have both fashion and good foot health.

Dr. Oz’s Heels, Wedges and Flats Recommendations

Recommended 2-inch high heeled shoe: Naturalizer Hanning Platform available at DSW for $55 that has a wide toe box to prevent the toes from being pushed against each other.

Recommended Wedge style shoe: Merona Kadence Wedge Ankle Boot available at target for $35 that not only has a wider sole to prevent dangerous side-rolling of the foot, but added lace-up ankle support as well.

Recommended flats style shoe:
Beckon Aerosoles for $69 available at many shoe stores. These flats have a thicker sole to them that provides arch support.

Dr. Oz points out that the problem with many flats is that they have little to no support. He recommends testing your flats at home by taking a flat and bending it in with toe-to-heel flexing to see if the toe can bend all the way to the heel. If it does, then there is not enough support for your arch, which can lead to developing painful plantar fasciitis.

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Reference: The Dr. Oz Show