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A 10 Minute Trick to Get You into Your Skinny Jeans before a Party

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Have you ever had one of those evenings when you were in a hurry to get dressed into a pair of skinny jeans or a tight dress before a party, but either the zipper refused to close or the clothing threatened to burst at a seam? As it turns out, Dr. Oz recently televised a trick that can make you go from bloat to beauty in just 10 minutes so that you can fit into those skinny jeans after all. His secret? Epsom salt.

“Epsom salt is a secret some plastic surgeons do not want you to know about,” says Dr. Oz. “Because people who have tried this say it could put scalpels out of business.”

With Dr. Oz was special guest Sharon Giese, M.D., a cosmetic plastic surgeon to help explain to viewers that not only are there non-surgical secrets to making you look younger, but beauty tricks that can work in a pinch when your clothing feels like it’s taking a bite out of you.

“Of all of the things I have done on this show, this might be the most surprising. I thought it was a cockamamie crazy idea to get in Epsom salts to lose waist and thigh size. But when I spoke to all of these experts who say it works, I thought we’d try it live,” says Dr. Oz. “This is unbelievable. It’s remarkable.”

Dr. Oz explains that taking a bath in Epsom salts has been found to take inches off of a body that suffers from a lowered metabolism and increased weight gain or belly bloat. According to Dr. Oz, Epsom salts work by drawing out the excess fluid in your body that causes bloating.

Dr. Giese tells viewers that the added benefit of taking a bath in Epsom salts is that it is actually good for the body.

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“I love Epsom salts. They are anti-inflammatory, and the salts are magnesium and sulfate and so those salts soak into your skin—and the skin is porous—and so it pulls out all the toxins and extra fluid and cellular waste…anything that is a detox is great,” says Dr. Giese.

Dr. Giese tells viewers that the way to prepare an Epsom salt bath is to bring the bath water to just below your body temp between 94 and 97 degrees Fahrenheit and then add 2 cups of Epsom salt to the bath water before stepping in for a relaxing and detoxing soak for 10 minutes.

To show that this trick really works, Dr. Oz had a special guest participant take a 10-minute Epsom salt bath on stage. Before entering the bath, the participant had a waist measurement of 41 inches and a thigh measurement of 27.5 inches. After soaking in the Epsom salt bath for 10 minutes, she emerged and measured in at just under 40 inches in the waist and just under 26 inches in the thighs.

“It’s a great temporary fix,” says Dr. Giese.

“If you stay longer, you don’t get smaller, by the way. Otherwise, we would have women shriveling up like raisins in a few hours,” jokes Dr. Oz.

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Reference: The Dr. Oz Show



A surgeon who freely uses the term "detox" and recommends that people "detox" should have her license taken away. Skin is not porous - unless there are cuts, scrapes, wounds, sores, etc; its whole purpose as a line of immunological defense comes from the fact that it is non-porous.
The skin is porous! It contains thousands of small holes - called 'Pores'!!
While skin is a line of defense for the internal organs, it is still able to absorb outside chemicals. If this were impossible fentanyl analgesic patches as well as nicotine patches would be useless.
Just get off the internet right now.
What kind of idiot are you that thinks your skin isn't porous? Your skin has thousands and thousands of pores. Do yourself a favor and research before making dumb statements. Your skin breathes and absorbs. It is a permeable membrane.
If the skin doesn't have pores where do you think your sweat comes out through?
K, you are right yes we have pores in ourskins but that does not mean it is porous. Because to be porous means that any thing from the outside can pass through the small holes with ease. Our pores do not let in any and everything into our bodies ,so saying that our skin is porous is incorrect
I know Epsom salts baths works for bloating because I have used it ,my stomach was really bloated from eating something I shouldn't have and as soon as I relaxed in the tub the pain was gone!
You're an idiot
Agreed, studies done indicating that magnesium ions can penetrate the skin to have an effect have been in vitro, with one study done in vivo with 19 subjects indicating it has an effect - the study was very flawed. Furthermore, you skin contains sebum, and other layers which prevent a majority of ions from passing through. Any unintelligent person will believe claims of Dr.Oz and his colleagues, and to put this in perspective. If you were to swim in an ocean, then your body will "soak" all the salt and you will die, this does not happen, so why should it happen with magnesium salts.
You apparently never took anatomy nr paid much attention in physical science.
You will obtain best results by putting 2tbs in a quart of water and chugging it. In about four hours you will be bloat free and at least five pounds lighter.
After it gives you diarrhea.... Just saying
I agree , I drink it the night before x
can any one help me fine a good diet .im 56 and gain almost 80 pound this last year do to steroids and not Smoking.Please if you know one let me Know
Skin is porous There is a concern that people who habitually use hand sanitizer are absorbing too much of it Also why do farmers and people who spray with toxic chemicals wear protective gear? Breathing stuff in is not the only way it can get into your system. There are many documented cases of chemical poisoning via the skin. Regards Ella M
Most hand sanitizer are made with alcohol as a germ killer not antibiotics.. that argument isn't a valid one.
Yes it's working I have try it ,
Please help my tummy blows up I don't have a bath so how can Epsom salts help me please in other ways need to fit into my cloths
Yes there is another way you can drink it. Keep in mind that each tablespoon Epsom salt has 3.4 grams of the element magnesium but the recommended daily allowance is only between 300 and 400 mg. Therefore if you have too much Epsom salt regularly, you may develop magnesium toxicity.