Mom brain sometimes mistaken for pregnancy related memory loss


It starts the second you get pregnant, forgetting almost everything you have to do on a regular basis: pregnancy memory loss. Mom brain is the condition, and though it's not a medically proven one, billions deal with it.

The pregnancy progresses and it gets worse. You forgot you’re supposed to go to a party Saturday night. You forgot you’re out of milk. You ran out of prenatal vitamins, and you think to yourself, my goodness, I can’t wait until I give birth to this child and get my mind back.

The baby comes and you realize your addled brain stays addled. It’s a condition some call pregnancy brain, or Mom brain, and almost every mom I’ve ever known uses the excuse daily.


But is it an excuse? Or is it symptomatic of something else? There is currently no research to support a scientific cause for Mom brain, but if you look at it from a logical standpoint, our bodies do go through an awful lot while we’re pregnant. Hormones are shifting at a rapid-fire pace and we’re having to think about so many new things (when do I buy the crib? Why can’t I stop puking? Why don’t my maternity jeans fit anymore?) we’re very likely to get forgetful at times.

And after the baby is born, new mothers have so many, well, new things to think about. Changing diapers, coordinating naptimes, scheduling activities, making little lunches and between all that trying to find time to take a shower. All of these things only make mom brain worse. Your day is fraught with decisions that all revolve around this new little person, or these new little people in some instances.

Probably the biggest factor playing into mom brain is lack of sleep. Before you had children, your sleep schedule was your own. You decided when to close your eyes at night and when to open them in the morning. When the baby comes along, that decision is made for you. And it doesn’t always come with eight straight. You may have to learn to get by on half of that, and it does wonders for destroying your brain cells and leaving you frustrated, tired and forgetful.

If you’re a new mom, or expecting, though, don’t let mom brain scare you. Likely, you’ll only forget the small to medium stuff. For example, I know very few mommies who forgot to take their kids out of the car with the groceries or even forgot to feed their children. Even working mothers with a whole lot on their plates don’t get that forgetful.