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Fetal heart detector with LCD display and speaker

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Fetal Heartbeat Detector For Pregnant Mothers

For the pregnant mothers, who’ve got a baby in the womb will be very keen on listening and monitoring the heartbeat of your baby. Here comes a Fetal Heart detector, which is simply handy for those mums who wanna monitor the babies in their wombs.

The Fetal Heart beat detector is equipped with an LCD display and a speaker, which the display shows the the heart beat per minute of the baby and the speaker spells out the information to let every one know. The device is kind of safe, which is a passive device that transmits nothing. Just place the monitor on your stomach, and it’ll start recording the baby heart rate as if placing a microphone up to the baby.

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The device is also equipped with internal flash, which stores the recorded heart beat data of the baby. With your continuous recording of the baby’s heart rate, you can then plot a chart that shows the gradual and exciting growth of the baby in your womb.

Fetal heart beat detector also comes with a 3.5mm audio jack, which you can wear headphones to listen to the baby’s heart beat privately. Or you can also connect it to an audio amplifier to blast it out loud to let your neighbors know.

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The Fetal Heart Detector is available at Chinavasion for 60 dollars.