Does Pregnant Women's Cell Phone Use Damage Babies?

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Women during pregnancy are suggested to limit cell phone use to ensure safety of the baby.

There is a new study that came out of the UK that suggests that pregnant women who talk on a cell phone as few as three times per day could be doing damage to their unborn child. While there are no reports in this new study about potential outward birth defects, the study does suggest that hyperactive behavior could result if pregnant women do not limit the use of cell phones while they are pregnant.

Here's an important article on cellphone use. I've talked about this before but I'm really getting concerned about kids using cellphones.

It's important to realize that we're not being told the truth about wireless devices. Basically they all harm us every time we use them; the degree to which they harm us and our individual ability to heal the damage are variable. That's why we're not all dropping dead from brain tumors--just some of us.


Some very bad research is being done which I assume is funded by the cellphone industry. An example study recently asked people how they felt after using cellphones. Not surprisingly, in this simplistic study there was no statistically significant difference between cellphone users and the placebo controls. Here's an article about how the cellphone industry has manipulated the research, the US government, and the public.

Reports of cellphone danger are not new; scientists began warning us of radiation exposure in the 90s. What is new is our increased exposure to the devices and the marketing of cellphones to younger and younger children.

Note that there seems to be more damage to children and teens who use cellphones, and this is troubling because they seem to use the devices more hours per day than adults.

Here's a website with some of the current non-US research and public articles.

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does there is any other information about cellphones(by rihanna)
There are a number of new studies showing that electromagnetic fields from power lines, cell phones, etc. can cause harm and possibly even miscarriages during pregnancy. There are some solutions available to women who are pregnant for reduceing the exposure levels.