Pregnancy Without Pounds: Feel Beautiful During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Exercise

Pregnancy Without Pounds, written by nutrition and exercise expert Michelle Moss, is the ultimate feel good, look great pregnancy guide.

Pregnancy Without Pounds is the ultimate guide during pregnancy and for post pregnancy health.

Designed to help women keep off excess pregnancy weight, reduce cravings, aid in morning sickness and help them regain their figures after the birth of their child, this downloadable ebook is filled with information that will help any woman have a terrific 9 months.

Often times women suffer through their pregnancy feeling unattractive and unwell, a terrible shame since pregnancy is such a special time in a woman's life.

Michelle Moss author of the Pregnancy Without Pounds guide says, "I discovered the secrets to exercising and eating for pregnancy..." and amazingly 9 months later she had lost all of her pregnancy weight and she claims to be in better shape now than she was before her pregnancy.

Pregnancy Without Pounds shows women how you can have a great pregnancy and minimize uncomfortability by changing a few things that we do in daily life.

The result from following the suggestions is a pregnancy that is more enjoyable and less difficult.

Ever wanted to be the pregnant woman who glows and looks stunning? Well now you can. Here are some of the things you will learn from this terrific guide:

  • The Top 12 Do's and Don'ts During Pregancy

  • The Secret To An Easy Labor + Free Exercise Journal


  • 2 Miracle Pregnancy Remedies

  • How To Stop Those Crazy Food Cravings and Where They Come From

  • How To Get Back Your Figure and Sexy Self After Childbirth

  • How Practicing Self Care Will Stop Those Fat and Frumpy Feelings That often Accompany Pregnancy

  • The 7 Fast and Easy Secrets To Healthy Pregnancy Eating

  • The Secret Weapon To Breast Soreness

Pregnancy is a joyous and momentous event in a woman's life. Pregnancy Without Pounds is the ultimate pregnancy kit.

This downloadable ebook complete with exercise journal, weight gain chart manager, and bonuses help women celebrate being pregnant.

Not only will you feel better following these simple tips but you will look and be beautiful. Glow with motherhood.

TORONTO, CANADA, August 12, 2005