Memory Training May Improve Intelligence

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Memory trainings may improve problem solving skills of brain called fluid intelligence, which was previously thought to be unchangeable.

Fluid intelligence is brain's ability to solve problems. It was previously believed that this ability is not possible to change. However, this new research comes to show that carefully designed brain training tools can improve this ability.


A joint team of US and Swiss researchers designed series of computer games to train working memory. It is believed that working memory is very close to fluid intelligence and it is based on the same brain circuit.

The computer game designed to get to a more difficult level if the player succeeds to meet everyone's intelligence level, but if the player looses, the coming level gets easier not to disappoint the player.

A team of 70 participants was divided into four groups exercising 30 minutes a day for different periods: 8, 12, 17 and 19 days. All participants were tested for fluid intelligence before and after the study. Tests results showed that those who trained more showed significantly more improvement compared to those who trained less. The research suggests that training branches up cells and form more connections between them.

This new research comes to change previously established opinion that fluid intelligence can be improved. It shows that brain, just as like other parts of body, can be trained up. Like people training for sports are having regular and intensive trainings to achieve higher results, those training the brain regularly can boost intelligence.



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