Brain Exercising Tips

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Brain is an important organ of the body and it is extremely important to exercise it and keep in shape.

Brain is 60% made of good fats, omega-6 and omega-3 are the most common fatty acids in brain. They are responsible for proper functioning of brain and connecting it with central nerve system.

Scientists want to remind everyone that brain needs to be in shape, because it is responsible for numerous tasks simple and complex. Taking care about brain is an important part of healthy lifestyle.

Researchers suggest some essential tips to exercise brain:

1. Healthy food: The omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids are not being produced by body, only proper food intake generates them, so a healthy diet is extremely important for healthy brain.


2. Sleep well: Brains need rest for proper functioning. Lack of sleep may lead to weakened concentration, problem solving skills, working memory, and planning. Always plan a good night's sleep to make your brain feel fresh.

3. Breakfast: Always have healthy breakfast, because you need to fuel your brain up every day.

4. Fruits, vegetables: Fruits and vegetables are very important for brain cells, especially the ones with Vitamin B. Eat plenty of them to supply brain with proper amount of vitamins.

5. Challenge: Brain needs some material to 'chew'. Allocate some hours in your daily routine for crosswords, puzzles, brain training computer games to keep your brain up.

6. Alcohol: Don't drink much alcohol. Use only a very moderate amount of alcohol.

7. Exercise: Exercising improves brain cell formation process and helps it to be more concentrated.