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The Brain Fitness Program Features Dr. Michael Merzenich

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Brain Fitness

This week, public television stations across the country will air a new special, called "The Brain Fitness Program," that explores the brain's amazing ability to change throughout a person's life. The 90-minute PBS special features the system developed by Dr. Michael Merzenich and more than 50 neuroscientists around the world



Hi there, I am a brain injury survivor from an accident on my motorcycle in July 2007 I am still in recovery at this time. It has taken me this long to realise that the doctors that said it would take two years for me to get back to some normal life and I laughed at the time!But my experience has proved they were right with what they said. I able to frive my car OK but I have not worked properly since then. But I am getting better! I did loose my wife with all the emotional and tough times we went through. My family went through a rough time while I was in a coma two months of not knowing if I was going come through it one month in an induced coma and another natural, so I was not aware of what my family went through waiting to see if I would survive. They all should get medals for their dedication to me and my fight. I am trully grateful to all the doctors that work in the area of brain injury because if those people were not doing what they do best I would not be here now so I am making a point of letting all those I can tell how amazing those people are is all I want to do now having gone through a hell of a time with Brain injury and I had it good compared to some people I saw in hospital beside me and in recovery at the centers I went to. Some I am atrully grateful survivor!!!That comes from the bottom of my heart!!! Thank you!