Brain WorX Shows How Brain Can Change In Just Six Weeks

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After over 90 hours of intensive, repetitive training, children diagnosed with AD/HD, Autism and other developmental disabilities showed results of over 100% in key performance areas, such as motor coordination and academic skills. Thanks to Brain WorX many of these children, who were severely underperforming compared to other children their age, are now performing significantly closer to their expected developmental level.

"I was told by many specialists that my child would never be able to attend a normal school. Despite that, I never gave up on my son. Because of this program my child has developed self-esteem, great social skills and doesn't need to go to a special school. Most of all, I have what I needed most -- hope," shares Lisa Elyakim, parent.


Extensive neurological research shows that through intensive, repetitive training the brain can change and adapt to a new skill or technique, which is called brain plasticity. In order to solidify these new skills between 60-100 hours of training are required. Brain Booster, from the Brain WorX organization, is doing just that. Over 90 hours of intensive training over the six week period of October 1 to November 15, 2007 are being combined with parent sessions, to teach parents how to help enhance their child's developmental progress.

This approach is critical now more than ever. In the past ten years there has been a sixty percent increase in the number of infants and students diagnosed with developmental delays. In the autistic spectrum category alone there has been an increase in cases from one in 10,000 to one in 150 in 2007 (CDC, 2007).

"Traditional therapeutic treatments end up frustrating, disappointing and in many cases bankrupt the parents because they have to keep going back to get more treatments. This new method promises to close the revolving door of therapy, by treating the cause and not the symptom," states Julia Harper, MS, OTR/L and co-founder of Brain WorX. Julia Harper, Aimee Weiner, AuD and Leah Light, AuD founded Brain WorX to provide full-service therapeutic treatments with a multi-disciplinary team approach that stimulates the child's potential and developmental growth in a fun, safe and motivating environment.