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Lower Cesarean Rates Associated With Preventive Labor Induction

Cesarean Delivery Rates

At a time when national rates of cesarean delivery have climbed above 30%, a four-year study of patients receiving an alternative method of obstetric care experienced a significantly lower rate of cesarean births.

The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, reports that a cohort of women exposed to a safe, alternative method of maternity care had a 5.3 percent cesarean delivery rate compared to a 11.8 percent of women who received more traditional care.

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Lack Of Investment In Maternal, Infant Health Is 'Tragedy'

Given that healthy women "deliver not just babies but paychecks and economic growth," it is a "mystery why maternal and newborn health still receives inadequate international attention and funding," Jill Sheffield, president of Family Care International, writes in a Washington Post letter to the editor.

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High Risk Infants Have Greater Survival Rate in Big Hospitals

Very low birth weight infants are significantly more likely to survive when delivered in hospitals with high-level neonatal intensive care units that care for more than 100 such newborns annually than are those delivered in comparable facilities that provide care to fewer than 100 such children every year.

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