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Expectant Moms Should Wait Out Due Date For Deliveries

Many parents become anxious toward the end of a pregnancy, when women are sleepless, fatigued and finding it difficult to perform their daily activities. Technology during the past 10 years has made labor induction easier and more successful, and now, more than ever before, deliveries are planned during the last few weeks of pregnancies.

But studies are showing that a delivery even two weeks early can be associated with newborn complications, according to Dr. Celeste Durnwald, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist at The Ohio State University Medical Center.

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Role Of Breastfeeding In Preventing Infant Death, HIV Infection

In many poor countries, mothers with HIV face a stark choice: to nurse their infants, and risk passing on HIV through their breast milk -- or to formula feed, and deprive their infants of much of the natural immunity needed to protect against fatal diseases of early infancy.

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The Impact of Cesarean Delivery on Transmission of Infectious Agents to the Neonate

The rate of cesarean deliveries has increased dramatically over the past decade. Studies to date have highlighted a number of factors on the part of the treating physician and the expectant mother contributing to this increase.

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