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Women Expect Less Childbirth Pain

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More women are now inclined to natural childbirth, but most of them are unprepared to pain.

Researchers from University of Newcastle examined data from 32 studies on women's childbirth expectation. Study found that 1/4 of women giving natural birth are having epidural anesthetization. More than half of them are sure that they will never get any.

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Nowadays people don't mind about receiving pain relief while surgeries or tooth pulling, but most of women don't want it for childbirth. The tendency that women want more natural births is welcomed by health experts, but they also call women to be flexible while making decisions.

Natural birth is very good for both women and children, but we shouldn't forget that in earlier years there were lots of women dying during childbirth. Health experts and medical methods allow to have a healthy delivery without harming anyone's health, and women should not ignore these advantages.

There are many ante-natal classes preparing women to childbirth. These classes are telling women about the pluses and minuses of natural birth. The classes mention the importance of support from their partners and midwives. However, women are not having clear idea of health complications that may occur during giving birth.

Women must be informed about necessary medical interventions during childbirth. They must be prepared to make flexible decisions in case of necessity. Women must be also emotionally prepared to pain relief and don't get disappointed when things are going the way they didn't expected.