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Babies Accidentally Mixed-Up In UK Hospital

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Babies were accidentally given to wrong moms in a UK hospital. The incident happened in Bassetlaw Hospital in Worksop, Nottinghamshire. One of moms is Polish, the other local.

A few hours after the incident staff found the mistake and changed the babies back. During that while one of the babies was breastfed. Currently the babies are going through numerous tests for HIV and other diseases.

Hospital policy strictly forbids taking babies from moms if there is no urgent necessity. Besides, all babies are wearing identity tags that need to be carefully checked. However, the mistake happened, and staff was disciplined.

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For some reasons, this case was disclosed only after the hospital was rated excellent by Healthcare Commission in a recent report, and the case had happened last year...

He added: "We can confirm that there was a most unfortunate, isolated incident in which two babies were mistakenly given to the wrong mothers for a brief time.

One of hospital managers said: "Although every baby has an identification band, it is apparent that these were not checked properly with the result that babies were not given to their own mothers and one child was fed once. This is an extraordinary and most unfortunate incident, which we deeply regret. We have been very frank and candid with the families and are continuing our investigation of, and a response to, a complaint. This incident is the subject of appropriate action with the staff involved. Both mothers have had an apology and a full explanation."

Hospital managers apologized and explained the moms how the swap happened. Yet, the case is being investigated. There is also an opinion from Royal College of Midwives that this kind of mistakes may happen often because staff shortage.